Dear papa,

today was probably the worst day at uncle Hendricks house. It was so bad because first I found out that mama and Hendrick lied to me. It was very disapionting because mama never lies to me. Second the German soilders almost busted us and we could have died. I'm sure you would problem not like that. But what I also loved about today is that Ellen got to see her parents. It just made me  so happy for her. I love you and hope to see you soon



Earth day

  1. We are playing outside more so we are not wasting gas or oil
  2. the factory's are closed 
  3. Most businesses are closed so that's less electricity 
  4. The air is more clean
  5. it can keep your body nor clean so you don't bring chemicals from your house to other People
  6. it reduces oil and gas 
  7. it reduces smoke from factory's 
  8. creatures in the sea are getting brakes because no one is on the beach or the marines.

Ellen's feelings

I think Ellen was feeling very worried and scared that night the Nazi came into the Johansens house. First if she was caught lying she would have a good chance of death. Second she had to act really good if they were going to believe that she really lived their. That is what I think Ellen was feeling.

Long phrases

 Bouncing super high on my new trampoline  

        having a big Easter egg hunt

watching many good movies snuggling with my family 

    taking showers while rocking to music 

         playing clue by the fire every night

    snuggling with my family always so cozy

        trees falling down on windy days

        playing ping pong with my dad