The Flowers Still Start to Bloom

Journal Entry #2

These days it feels like nothing is “normal”, the future is uncertain and our old “normal” feels like a dream world. 

These days it feels like life as we know it has stopped, we think everything has changed, but nature is still there.

These days it feels impossible that something hasn’t changed... 

Yet the flowers still start to bloom.

The leaves still start to flood trees that had been bare for far too long.

Spring allergies start again waking up households in the middle of the night.

Through all this change and crisis, nature stays the same.

Some things stay the same, and in tough times we have to dig deep, lower our shoulder and plow ahead knowing not everything has changed, and better times will come.

You Don’t Know What You Have Till it’s Gone

Journal Entry #1

How you take simple things, like being able to hangout with your friends,  for granted until you can't anymore

“We take normal for granted, and only when normal becomes abnormal do we realize how foolish it was for us to do so” ~Gabriel Aberbach 

   Sometimes people take things for granted, until we don’t have it or can no longer do it. I took being able to hangout with my friends for granted, until I wasn’t able to. As the coronavirus rages on seemingly unstoppable, we are stuck in quarantine. Since this pandemic has happened, I have not been able to hangout with my friends, although the world has much bigger problems, not being able to see my friends has made me feel lonely. I took the ability to hangout with my friends for granted until I couldn’t anymore.

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Video Entry

End of an Era

All eras must come to an end

“The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win.”

~Tom Brady

Every dynasty must come to an end. Tom Brady announcing he’s leaving the Patriots to become a free agent and join another team is the end of the Patriots dynasty and the Brady-Belicheck era.

The video below is ESPN announcing Tom Brady’s decision to leave the Patriots. They then have two ESPN experts share what they think about Tom Brady’s decision. Then they go back and explain why logically it is not surprising, even though it doesn’t feel right and seems impossible. They briefly speculate on what Tom Brady is going to do in the next chapter of his life now that the Patriots chapter has been written.

This video shows how anything can happen, and all dynasties and eras must come to an end. My hockey team recently split up, a lot of us who had been there for many years decided to pursue new opportunities with new teams. We were not as dominant or even comparable to Brady and the Patriots, but all eras must come to an end.


An experience with a friend

An Experience With a Friend

No matter how many differences you have, when you're with a friend you will always end up having fun




A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.



No matter your differences, when you’re with a friend you can always have fun. When I was with my friend in Brazil, I didn’t think I’d be able to have fun with him because we had so many differences. My friend Thiago is from Rio and has been one of my best friends for a long time. I visit him every time I go to Brazil, yet this time I didn’t know if I would have fun with him this time, we were both a year older now, and we both didn’t speak each other’s language well. I went to Thiago’s apartment to meet him.

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Empathy and Marginalization

Empathy and Marginalization

When a teammate was being marginalized, I showed empathy and helped him


“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.”

 ~Jesse Jackson


    Marginalization is something many people have to face, but with a little empathy, it does not have to happen. I have seen kids being marginalized and in one case I showed empathy and tried to help him. When a kid on my soccer team was being marginalized because he was new, all it took was a little empathy to stop it. Will was new to the team, he just moved from Seattle. He was really good at soccer, but like me did not go to public school. The rest of the kids on the team didn’t want Will to fit in, and would marginalize him, never including him, only talking to him on rare occasion, or if they had something mean to say. It was the end of practice, everyone was walking back ready for the night, the whole team was watching a world cup game together, then sleeping over at a teammates house. The whole team was supposed to be invited but the invitation never reached Will.

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Power of Acoustic Music

The Power of Acoustic Music

Acoustic music always calms me down


“I mean, there's times to rock and roll, and I love that too. But I think my first love is acoustic music.”

~Graham Nash

    Nothing is better than listening to some acoustic music. Whether I’m happy, sad, or feeling just fine, acoustic music makes me smile, it makes me appreciate talents that aren’t my own. It’s amazing to hear the tunes, so many songs are played with the same chords. After a stressful school day, there was a lot of work ahead, my head was bursting.

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Power of Sports

The Power of Sports

Sports will always fix your problems


“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”

~Knute Rockne


    Sports makes your blood flow, sports are a lifestyle, sports bring people together, sports are a very important part of life. Sports are my passion, sports help lead me through the dark times to the good sunny days. I was sad, really sad. It had been a tough day, my great grandma on my dads side had just passed away. I thought I would just sit at home and mope, but I had a hockey game, and my parents were forcing me to go because “it would help me get through it,” I didn’t know how they put there brave faces on. I thought it was a bunch of cow poop, as if playing would help me get over my great grandma’s death. I went though, I had nothing better to do, I went through the motions in the locker room, expecting to do the same in the game. But the second I stepped on that cold smooth ice, my great grandma didn’t vanish, but then became a happy memory, I decided to play as hard as I could, for her because I know that’s what she would want most for me. It turned out that playing was exactly what I needed, instead of regretting I simply hoped my great grandma was in a better place. The power of sports is amazing, sports are perfect on a hot summer day, sports are perfect in a breezy fall day, sports are there to get you through the days. Sports are amazing they help me so much, if you use the power of sports you will be in luck. It doesn’t matter if your playing a game, it doesn’t matter if your doing a crazy amount of sprints, it doesn’t matter if your just playing around, all that matters is that sports will make you feel so much better. I now know that when I am sad, hurt or feeling fine, sports will always be there to make me feel better and ensure I have fun.