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September 2018

A Summer Fully Lived...

My packed summer of 2018




“People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.”

—Anton Chekhov 


    The summer is generally a very eventful time where you go out on trips and do things away from home. My summer was the extreme of that. not only did I have two weeks at home, but I also traveled to two different states and a different country. I only had about two weeks home this summer. I didn’t necessarily love not being home much but when I was away, I was in the moment. Throughout my summer I experienced multiple forms of adventure, fun and friendship.


    The summer started off kind of lazy and uneventful until I had to go to camp. Camp started almost exactly two weeks after school ended which gave me the time I needed to relax. I go to overnight camp during the summer for seven weeks which is a very long time even by my standards. My camp is mostly a sports camp and I have a ton of fun playing sports the whole summer. This past summer I was a senior at camp which is the age group for kids fourteen through sixteen. We live in platform army tents that sleep between 5 and 7. First session started with between forty and fifty kids so we weren’t too packed. The first session of camp is just plain camp which is what I like about it. Everything is just going through the motions of different spots and competitions every day. The first two weeks flew by. Getting into the flow of motions as a senior was harder because I wasn’t used to it, though I was soon able to fully adjust to the new way of things. After we finished the two weeks, the five “weekers” came and things got a little tighter. Two more kids came into my age group (the fourteens), and they insisted on moving into my tent of already five. Me and two other kids did not really like the idea but the crazy kid in our tent did it behind our backs. We now had a seven person tent with a row of five beds next to each other in the back making a “master bed”. I didn’t love it. My good friend hated it so much he moved into the next tent over immediately. Over the next week and a half I had to readjust to my space which was again tough because I had much less of it. Once the first session ended I was still having a blast but was not as excited for second session. Seeing all of my friends from first session leave was emotional but we promised each other we would see one another again. The day after the people from first session left, what was left of camp went to a water park. This was and absolute blast. Even though the water park wasn’t huge we were still able to have a huge amount of fun. After a long day of water rides and running around, we drove back on the school buses that had taken us there exhausted from the full day of fun. The next day the people from second session got to camp. We finished out that day and all the new people picked their tents. I was happy because my tent was not terrible after the rest of my tent had left me for another tent. The beginning of second session was surprisingly good. I was actually liking it better than first session. Soon after second session started we had to begin to prepare for Pemi day, the biggest day of the summer. This day is so important because it is the oldest camp rivalry in the world. Our rivalry is7 over 100 years old. In preparation for this day we have a week of tryouts and practices to prepare. We play four different sports against them, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming and Tennis. I made the Soccer, Baseball and Swimming team but fell short of tennis. Once the day arrived we were pumped. We ended up winning as a camp and our age group won three of our four events. Though I would have loved to sweep wining three was fine. The rest of camp was really going through the motions and ended quickly. Sadly my Grandmother died the day before I went back home which was devastating. My favorite moment at camp was when my friend said while a rain storm was passing over us, “can thunder kill you?”. “Yes it can” I said sarcastically”, then we told him the truth and roasted him. It was so funny. This year my camp experience was pretty great and I can’t wait to go back next year. 


    After I got back home from camp almost immediately we went to Portugal. The six hour flight there was filled with mostly watching movies and my parents telling me to sleep. When we got there we stayed in the capital Lisbon for two nights. During that time we explored the city and saw many awesome and ancient things, we ate a cafe du monde which is famous for their custard tarts and walked along the city water front. After those two days in Lisbon we drove down to Lagos in the Algarve region of Portugal. This was our beach vacation. We had a condo Airbnb at a condo complex right by the water. This was pretty awesome so we went in the water every day. During this about nine days in Lagos we didn’t do much beside visit two of the surrounding towns, hike a little bit along the cliffs and take surfing lessons on the west coast. In general this time was very relaxing which is just what I needed after the craziness of camp. The second to last day of our trip we drove back up to Lisbon and ate an amazing seafood meal in the city before staying overnight and leaving for home the next day. This was an awesome trip and I really recommend going to Portugal. 


    Throughout multiple parts of this summer I went on amazing adventures including summiting the great Mount Washington twice, once on a day trip and another on a three day trip over the Presidential Range. The Three day trip traversing the Presidential Range was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life. During the trip we stayed in two different AMC (Appalachian Mountain club), huts which had amazing home cooked food. I was on this trip with seven other of my good friends from camp and two very funny outdoorsy counselors as well. We had a blast cracking funny and inappropriate jokes while hiking up, down and across the presidential range. Also in Portugal me, my brother and my dad hiked some of the cliffs overlooking the east side of the Atlantic Ocean. At first my brother got mad at me and went back but my dad and I kept going. About fifteen minuets later we had to go back and get him so that he could come along on the hike with us. This was a very fun and hot experience even though it wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to do. We even accidentally discovered a topless beach, oops. Overall I had some pretty amazing adventures throughout my summer that I will never forget for the rest of my life. 


This summer was long and packed full of fun and I am glad I was able to explore so much.

The First Real Week of School

     This past week was our first real week of school. I am currently a 9th grader at The Fenn school in Concord Massachusetts. It was the first 7 days straight of school we have had this year. The beginning of the week started out slow with small and moderate amounts of homework. Nothing much to worry about. I was getting my homework done with plenty of time left in the night.

Once we got to Wednesday and Thursday night things got different. Both of these days I stayed up past nine after getting home at six after sports. On Thursday night I stayed up till ten doing homework and had to finish one more thing in the morning. This doesn’t surprise me though because I had five different homework's due that next day. So I guess I am just getting a taste for what high school is like but I hope it won’t be as bad as Thursday night. 

For the in-school part of things this week everything was good. We finished a lab report and did another lab session in science. In english we wrote some more and finished a five paragraph essay on our class getaway and other things to improve our writing. In math, we prepared for the test we have next Monday and learned all the material we needed for it. Global studies is basically our social studies class where we do studies on the Mid East, india and china this year. We also do a little bit of economics. This week we didn’t have many classes but we started learning more about economics. And finally in Spanish we did a lot more talking then we did last year which I think is a lot better. In general it was a good week but all of the homework at the end didn’t make it fun. 

The Enlightining fun of camp Belknap


 Freshmen Class of 2019




 “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

—Michael Jordan



    On the Wednesday through Thursday in the second week of our 9th grade Fenn careers we went to Camp Belknap in Tuftonboro New Hampshire as a class bonding experience. It was amazing and we bot grew as leaders and found out what kinds of leaders we are. I really liked this trip because I was able to have fun with my friends and I also found out what type of leader I am. As a class we really had never done anything like this it had always been in advisor groups but now with our class of 26 kids, we were brought closer together. I love camp life myself so this was very familiar to me because I go to sleep away camp on lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. This was a great experience to bond with my classmates and I think it went very well.

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The Game




 “Injury in general teaches you to appreciate every moment. I've had my share of injuries throughout my career. It's humbling. It gives you perspective. No matter how many times I've been hurt, I've learned from that injury and come back even more humble.”

— Troy Polamalu


    After hard tryouts and a spot on the team, it was time for our first scrimmage of the year. The 2017 varsity soccer season started out with a scrimmage a week after tryouts had ended and the team was made. We traveled to the Caroll School for this scrimmage. The bus ride is fun as we get pumped for the game. We get off the bus and head over to the field for warmups. Warmups consist of a small jog, stretching and then a dynamic workout intended to warm our muscles up and prepare us for the game. We go through the motions as the other team comes out and warms up as well. We finish warmups and head over to the bench for Star (our coach) to give us the game plan. Star finishes giving us the game plan and the starters take their positions. I start on the bench.


    The game starts and I go in about 15 minuets into the game. We had already scored multiple goals because the other team wasn’t very good. I went in as a right wing and played well in my position even scoring a goal. About 8 to 10 minuets later I am put back to right back where I play well, make good defensive stops and clears. Only a couple of minuets before half I go slightly over on my left ankle kicking the ball and I get a searing pain in my foot. I limp off to the sidelines as I get a sub. I sit out for the rest of the game wondering what had happened and hoping that I didn’t injure my foot. We won that game a lot to nothing and went back happy but I went back with my dad. The next day we say the doctor and I found out that I had a broken foot. 


    When the news hit me I got very emotional after the doctor left the room and cried as my mom comforted me. This was terrible as I had lost almost the entirety of my spring baseball season the previous year. Missing two seasons in a row sucks. This occurrence made me incredibly sad as I had been waiting to be on this team for as long as I had been at Fenn and losing the entire season was devastating. I am just happy that I was able to tryout and support my team for the rest of the season. I am returning to the team this year so I hope I get the full experience. 

Doing Better

A new Beginning

Thursday September 6th

By Michael Alpers 

    I want to make this year the best possible. First I will work harder and try harder to do the right things. In the past couple of years I have not been completely honest and it was not good for me or my relationships. Towards the end of last year I finally understood that doing the right thing and not lying and deceiving would first give me more freedom and privileges and second, better relationships, more free time, better grades and a less stressful community. Reflecting on my past years I know how I can fix myself and improve everything from grades to family relationships.

    First I am going to follow family guidelines much more strictly and adhering to consequences if I am in the wrong. This will help improve family trust and allow me to get used to getting my homework done in a place where my parents can make sure that I am doing the right thing. Secondly I would like to be able to get off of things like video games add other devices so that my parents can let up on the constant nagging me to get off. Next I want to make sure that I get my homework done well, done the work I need to do thoroughly and making sure that I meet class expectations and guidelines in my homework and studying. 

    I think this year is really setting me up for success and I want to take advantage of it and do the best I can. Next I want to stay up to date and get ahead of my homework and studying. I believe that this will really help me stay on top of everything I am doing and not getting behind and into bad places so that not only my grades suffer, but also my time at home with my family does too. 

    This year I really would love to focus and get progressively better at Spanish because of how many kids I have in my class. I only have 4 other kids in my class so it will be much easier to get more help from my teacher. In math this year I also think that I have a much better teacher in my opinion and I think if I focus more I can really get good at this subject and make sure that I do well throughout the year. I really like my teachers idea of homework being practice and is graded on how I do the work not the answers I get. Science has always been probably my strongest subject but I fell a little short of my goals in the last term of last year. I think that biology is very cool and both of my parents are doctors so that should be helpful as well. I find global studies a very interesting class but I do not know that much about it right now although I think that I will be able to do very well and understand my material this year. And finally English, this being my second year with Fitz and I know what’s coming. With my experience in Fitz’s class I should be able to stay on top of my work and do everything we do in his class better than I did last year. I will work on honing my skills as a writer and Fitz’s help will guide me through high school. In the end if I work my hardest and stay up with my goals I should be able to do much better than I have in the past years.