The Power of Place

The Power of Hard Times

A recurring action

D0648A93-9968-4AE0-822A-F9A4BA3DDFD9“Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense.”

—Mingon McLaughlin


    Experiencing hardship shows someone’s character. There have been many times where I have faced hardship in my life. If I hadn’t faced these hardships I am not sure I would be the person I am today. It was early on a Wednesday night and I had just gotten home. I sat down to do homework but didn’t want to so I hopped into a game of “Fortnite.” This was not one of my greatest ideas. I was in my first game of Fortnite expecting to get right off after that game. I got to top ten then was eliminated by a noob and I was really mad. In my anger I started another game. This similar process kept repeating until my Mom asked how I was doing on home and I answered “good”, this was a lie of course and I felt guilty but kept playing. I didn’t notice until it became nine thirty and I had homework to do. I stayed up late to get my homework done. The next day I was tired, I didn’t get good grades on the assignments and I was loosing my Mom’s trust. Not doing well on my homework and being tired the next day didn’t help me at all. If I had just started my homework earlier then I would have had it done well and maybe my parents would have let me play “Fortnite” later. If only I had thought about getting my homework done earlier maybe I would have had a better year. This was a hard experience for me and I am happy I was able to get over it this year.