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My Take

    A Book Worth Understanding



“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”      

— Carl Jung

    A book is a lifetime of experiences put into words. In the section Economy of the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau, Thoreau explains his life experiences while living in solitude in a small cabin off the shore of Walden Pond. The way that he talks about these experiences though is in a way only achieved by deep thought and solitude. He explains many things about a mans normal life but with his own interpretation of each point. For example he says, “I see young men, my townsmen, whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms, houses, barns, cattle, and farming tools; for these are more easily acquired than got rid of.” (Thoreau) But he also tells the readers to read his book but interpret these things how ever they want. He is not forcing his way of thinking on anybody else. He also uses great sentence structure to get his points through with context and flow of reading. From what I have thus far read, Walden is a very interesting book with a way of describing experiences like none I have ever seen. But from this different writing style I have been able to single out two themes I find important: Open opinion and liveliness of writing.

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Hints of Poetry

As I walked down the cold, dark alley

I noticed the beauty

Of a tall, sharp, gleaming skyscraper

Made of heavy steel and glass,

I then wondered 

How it was built

Pane by Pane

Bit by bit 

And then it was gone

Out of my sight

And the thought passed 

Like a light... 

turned off.


This was the first piece of poetry I have written this year and I think it went pretty well. I think this because I was able to get on the point of one topic and stay with it and give it a good ending. It just felt good to write and it made sense so I thought it went well. I also think that I probably could have made it longer. I could have given more thoughts on the building before I said that it passed through my mind. 


who is this kid in the mirror?

With blue green eyes and dark brown hair

Fixing his collar 

Six foot two inches of pure mass

Ready for a good day at school

Worrying about the same things as his peers

Teachers yelling, getting E’s and being made fun of

But he pushes through these things

And makes the best days possible 

And now brushing his teeth

Making a plan on how to make his way through the day unscathed

Then thinking about all the things that could go wrong

Then pushing them off to the side 

Letting nothing get to him

Then go out on a wire

And jump into the fire.


This is probably the best poem I have written this year. I say this because I feel like it just flowed the best. I gave necessary poetic points and described a full story in it. This poem just felt really good to write. I do really like this this poem though. 


Life is like a river

Flowing as it does

Making turns and twists on its path to the ocean

Or end

But the journey is long

If you take the right turns

And live life to what it has to be

And in the end you will have found peace and happiness.


This is my least cared for piece of poetry so far this year. I just didn’t give it enough thought and time. It doesn’t make a ton of sense and is quite short. I could fix it up somehow but I think it should be an example for me what not to do. This poem just didn’t flow and I didn’t give it enough thought.

Poems I Read

Why I chose these


The poem A Priori worked for me because it was short and sweet. It really explains a cottage very well. The words are put together very well to creat a picture in my head of what this cottage looks like. I also like the use of words like splined and shingle split. Overall this is a very well written poem that really makes me think about how I can use words better. 


I liked the poem the last thing left because it was confusing but it made me think about its meaning. I know that it is talking about coal in the narrators backyard and how dutiful sons brought the coal up with hard work. And then they talked about building a coal bin for the remaining three tons. In general this poem talks a lot about kind of random things that don’t really make sense but it was still fun to read. 


I also read the poem a text is but a paltry thing and it didn’t really make sense to me. I thought it jumped to a bunch of different topics and just didn’t really make a ton of sense.