Power of Place

A Reflection


My Last Time


    It was a cool, overcast and somewhat rainy patriots day. I was standing in formation with the rest of my band preparing for the more then two hour parade we were about to embark on. While we were waiting I began to reflect. I looked back on all the past five years of band. This being my sixth and final year at Fenn I was prepared to know that this would be my last patriots day parade in Concord. This was my fourth time doing this parade so I wasn’t new to it but this time felt special. I never liked marching in the band and resented even the thought of what was to come in those next hours. But I knew that I had to make this an experience to remember. So as we began to go. I had a smile on my face, a determination in my heart and a feeling in my stomach that I will never forget. It was the feeling that I will never do this specific thing again, and this feeling is very similar to the feeling I will have after graduating Fenn. And it truly is an interesting feeling. So yes, playing in marching band is a drag, but it was well worth its while.