The spiked tree fruit

Hanging off the long, thin branches

Begins to fall


The dead, grey grass

On the high open hill

Begins to grow


The ninth grade boys

Ready for the end of the year

Argue over Snapchat.


The Fenn school library

A quiet, tranquil place

Is not so quiet


These were the first haikus I have written in a while. I tried to add cool twists to these ones to make them sound better. Also spring is probably my favorite season so they were very easy to write. I hope we can write more of these




The small tan boy

Playing in the large green field

Gets burned by the sun


The tall green trees

Basking in the sunlight

Prepares to get cut down


The small not air conditioned car

In between Phoenix and Las Vegas

Begins to break down


The long yellow beach

Up against the bright blue sea

Begins to disappear


Summer is probably my favorite season if not second favorite season. It is very easy to write about because it is the time of year all kids want it to be. I tried to make some cool twists with this one. 




As the trees prepare for winter

Their leaves start change

Then fall off of their branches 


The hot sunny days 

Become cooler

As the earth moves away from the sun


Kids of all ages get angry

And stop playing

To go back to school


The long yellow beaches

Become deserted

As people go back home


In these I just tried to make straight foreword and add some imagery to make these sound better. These were fun to make because I feel like there is so much happening in the fall. I hope I can make mor of these sometimes.





The small kid cry’s

On Christmas Day

Because there is no snow


I run outside

To play with my brother

Because it is fifty degrees


The lone wolf

Walks slowly through the forest

Home for dinner


Kids stare out their windows

In awe 

To see the construction in the snow


With these haikus I tried to put foreword an idea with the first two lines and then add a cool twist at the end. I really tried hard to make these Haikus as good as possible. I had a lot of fun making these. Winter is a very interesting season to write about so I hope these turned out well.