My Take


There are some things that are truly important in ones life.


It would be useful to live a simple life at the forefront of our growing civilization to learn what is truly necessary in my life and how to get it; or look at merchants journals to see what the population lives off of (Necessities paragraph 2).


There are many essentials in life. Food, water and shelter are the bare essentials of survival but in the society we live in today we don’t need to worry as much about survival. The basic necessities for me at this point in my life are happiness, family, friendship and education. I say happiness because it adds meaning to my life. Doing fun things to get a happy feeling is one of the ways most people get through life. I also say Family because you have a group of people who love you no matter what, only want the best for you, protect you and push you to do your best. Also friendship. Friendship is a means to have other people in your life that care about you outside of your family. These social relationships are very important to one’s life. And last but not least education. Education is an extension of social life. You make friends and meet new people but you also learn what you must do by using what people have discovered in the past. These are some of the things that make me happy and allow me to get through life in the best way possible.