A Reflection
Thoreau’s Views on Charity

Power of Place

    My Favorite Place at Fenn



“A place is only as good as the people in it.”
Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four

    You need a special place in your life. My special place at Fenn has to be Fitz’s room. I have spent a boat load of time in his room over the past two years and I have never felt more relaxed at school. In the upper school many of the students use Fitz’s room as a hang out space. Whenever I have time I go up there to talk and chill with friends. Earlier this year about half of the ninth grade including me decided to hang out in Fitz’s room after sports were done. We all just talked about schools, sports and video games. We were getting close to having to start applications and we were nervous. I was talking with Tucker, Timmy and Ryan about what schools we were all applying to. Everyone else was talking about similar things. Then someone said that we should play the marble game. The marble game is a game where we all gather around Fitz’s big, round Harkness table and put a marble on it and then we would all blow the marble around the table. We played this while laughing and having pure fun. I think this is one of the experiences that made me really love that room. We just had so much freedom in that room which isn’t something I can say about any other place at Fenn. We feel as though we should have more freedom because we are the oldest students at Fenn but our teachers don’t seem to think that way. Fitz’s room provides the upper schoolers especially the ninth grade with a space where we can hang out and have freedom. So there are lots of other rooms at Fenn that I like, but none of them provide the freedom of Fitz’s room.