Through the Tunnel literary analysis

A moment that has changed my life

    Fitz’s Three Words

By Michael Alpers


    Ones life is made by many moments. A moment that has made my life was when Fitz first said “Give a Damn” in 8th grade. This really got me started. It would give me the push that I needed to try my hardest and succeed in my last two years of Fenn. I am truly grateful that he said this. It was the first day of school in eighth grade. I had known that Fitz was going to be my advisor all summer and this was my first time really meeting him. He sat us down around his big round table and told us this. 


“Now if you want to do well in this class all you have to do is give a damn and figure it out.” We then sat in silence while thinking about what he said. After about a minuet or two we began to talk again but what Fitz had said really sat with us. It gave us some kind of drive.


Anything that motivates one to do something good is a good thing. No matter what it is. And this was one of those motivating things for me. I hadn’t tried a lot in middle school and suffered a lot because of it, but when Fitz said this I knew I had to step it up. I then took his saying to heart and have made myself better because of it. A pure life enhancing motivation is rare, but when you find one, you will never forget it, ever.