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 A rant on Homework and Education


Homework, the thing that teachers give us for work outside of work. 

Half the time this work isn’t even relative to what we are doing in class.

So why should we have to do this time consuming thing that doesn’t even mean a thing. Studying should be our own initiative if we want to get good grades then we need the responsibility. 

It should be optional, you can do it if you want and get it graded or you just don’t have to do it. Homework, is really a bad habit that society created for the people who weren’t educated, now the intelligence levels of humans are rising every year. 

Colleges are harder to get into. 

The smartest people of our parents generation said if they applied to the school they went to, they wouldn’t get in. 

Technology is advancing so fast we carry supercomputers in our pockets but our teachers would still rather us do useless work on our computers. 

This needs to change, the way people were taught back in the day to go into the workforce, education was not meant for what we are going to do. 

If we don’t specialize early then how are we gonna know what we want to do if we haven’t tried it yet. 

Homework but really education, it must change if we want to change.