The Enlightining fun of camp Belknap


 Freshmen Class of 2019




 “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

—Michael Jordan



    On the Wednesday through Thursday in the second week of our 9th grade Fenn careers we went to Camp Belknap in Tuftonboro New Hampshire as a class bonding experience. It was amazing and we bot grew as leaders and found out what kinds of leaders we are. I really liked this trip because I was able to have fun with my friends and I also found out what type of leader I am. As a class we really had never done anything like this it had always been in advisor groups but now with our class of 26 kids, we were brought closer together. I love camp life myself so this was very familiar to me because I go to sleep away camp on lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. This was a great experience to bond with my classmates and I think it went very well.

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