The First Real Week of School

     This past week was our first real week of school. I am currently a 9th grader at The Fenn school in Concord Massachusetts. It was the first 7 days straight of school we have had this year. The beginning of the week started out slow with small and moderate amounts of homework. Nothing much to worry about. I was getting my homework done with plenty of time left in the night.

Once we got to Wednesday and Thursday night things got different. Both of these days I stayed up past nine after getting home at six after sports. On Thursday night I stayed up till ten doing homework and had to finish one more thing in the morning. This doesn’t surprise me though because I had five different homework's due that next day. So I guess I am just getting a taste for what high school is like but I hope it won’t be as bad as Thursday night. 

For the in-school part of things this week everything was good. We finished a lab report and did another lab session in science. In english we wrote some more and finished a five paragraph essay on our class getaway and other things to improve our writing. In math, we prepared for the test we have next Monday and learned all the material we needed for it. Global studies is basically our social studies class where we do studies on the Mid East, india and china this year. We also do a little bit of economics. This week we didn’t have many classes but we started learning more about economics. And finally in Spanish we did a lot more talking then we did last year which I think is a lot better. In general it was a good week but all of the homework at the end didn’t make it fun.