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A Rubric for a Day at Home (Blog #4)

A Rubric for a Day at Home

I think my rubric would be mostly based on improving my physical and mental skills. I would say physical exercise could be rated based on intensity. The more intense the workout, the more “points” it is worth. A low-intensity workout for 30 minutes could be 5 points, while a high intensity for 90 minutes could be 15. Some other hobbies I have are piano and programming. For every hour I do, it could reward 15 points. Lastly, studying extra academic topics could also reward points. Learning more about the history behind an event, studying a topic in science or math, and learning more advanced grammar could be worth 20 points/hour. Things like reading could be 10/hour. Now for leisurely activities. Sleeping is very important, and so I’ll get 5 points/hour of sleep a day, plus 20 extra points if I sleep more than 10 hours. I get 1.5 hours of free time/video games/tv a day. After that, each half hour is -6 points. Relaxing/laying down is -4/half hour plus 30 minutes of free time (Food breaks are separate from this). Everything else has a loss or gain. That’s my rubric.


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Niko Weaver

Nice job taking a very detailed look at how to grade people on their skills at staying at home. It was a good idea to add losses of points as well as gains.

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