Nothing Comes Easy

Gift of the Magi Reading Reflection

How a story taught me so much


At the midst of difficulty comes opportunity ~ Albert Einstein


    Nothing comes easy.  The Gift of the Magi challenged me to read in deeper depths than I ever have had to, and think about the purpose of the book. The Gift of the Magi challenged me to read like I have never before. I had to stay active with absurd vocabulary throughout the book. Having to know these words and themes made me a better reader and I have never been happier to read a challenging book. Nothing comes easy and reading the Gift of the Magi was no different. I started reading the book with not really wanting to read it but I had no choice because it was a class assignment or what was expected of me to do it. The assignment was to annotate words and phrases and to find enduring themes. This made a slow and at times boring. But after a few pages I started to get in the flow of the reading and it began to get more in the flow of reading the book and managing my reading, and realizing how this assignment was worth it despite the challenges and the difficulties. The entire book I was searching for a theme. I was looking for these themes In specific areas the whole time, and then I found theses themes throughout the entire book. Della showed me that their is never hope if you don’t give it your all. She tought me that if we don’t have the guts to accept the challenges then we will live life scared. But if I accept these challenges than I can overcome them. If you heard me being negative about this book pay no attention to that. Once I finished this book I won’t hesitate to say this was and awesome story and It will be worth it from the beginning to the middle to the end.

The World Isn’t Ending

A slice of Life 

Why some things aren’t the end of the world 


I knew that it couldn’t be good when I walked into the Spanish class that day. Step by step I walked focusing on the footsteps that I took so I could take my mind off of the test that I was about to get back, this was the moment that I had been dreading for a long long time. I sat down in my usual spot in class and waited until Mr Rude gave us the quiz grades back. 

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You Will Be Happy in the End


Just wait for the result in the end


Some things can tend to be annoying but can turn out to be not so bad in the end. When I have to do certain chores I find it very annoying to do them at times, but it turns out alright in the end.One time when I got asked by my Grandparents to pick up stick and clean the backyard after a storm I did not want to do it, and I was very annoyed it was my job and not my older sisters and I assumed that it would not be fun.

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A New Beginning

Windsor Mountain Essay

meeting new people, coming together as an advisory



Life begins at the end of your comfort zone ~ Neale Donald Walsch


    We were all in the dining hall thoughts were scanning our heads! What activity was my advisory going to get. There was two activity’s left I didn’t know what was going to happen. The two activities left were high ropes and initiatives I looked across the room at my advises. Crickets, nobody spoke we wanted so bad to get the high ropes activity, then they called: “Cribb’s advisory” here it comes I thought to myself “ initiatives”. When the words came out of the counselors mouth, my face dropped. Word around the camp was initiatives was boring and not fun, so we came into the activity with that mindset. After the activity we walked out of the door with smiles on our faces thinking to ourself that wasn’t that bad at all. We worked together as a team really well and came together as an advisory.  This is the story of my 8th grade Windsor Mountain trip and how my advisory came together and how I made new friends I didn’t think I could.


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What If

Slam poem

Anyone can change other peoples’ opinions.

My mom 

My dad 

They all expect me to follow in the same path as them,

The same political party. 


But what if I don’t want to 

What if I am am different from what they expect.

What if I don't care on what happens in the world,

What if I don't care about politics,

What if I don't like to talk about the crisis in the world. 


There are kids, who’s opinions change because of their parents

There are kids who become just like them and care about the stuff that I don’t.

The political views and other stuff can be affected by what your parents say tell you, or what you see on the news and the stuff going wrong in the world. 

There are stuff, there are stuff that happens and you don’t see it, and the point of views of others can be changed by anyone. 

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A Board Game Gone Right

A narrative story 


I used to not like to play board games at all, because I thought that they were a waste of time.  Before this pandemic started after school if I didn't have a sports practice I would never play a board game and my family and I didn’t really interact that much, because we didn’t have time. We were all to busy playing sports, doing homework and other things. That all changed when the quarantine started and I didn’t have a choice because there was absolutely nothing else to do(maybe there is but I just couldn’t think of any) and video games, Netflix, they were all getting boring. So I had no other choice. Fun.

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