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Writing my pop song was really fun to do. I really enjoyed writing this song because you already had experience writing a song so you knew what to do. The lyrics were hard to write at first but after you got the hang of it got a lot easier. I liked writing the song because the guitar beat was fun to use, because it is the guitar beat to wagon wheel which is a song that I like. If I could do an English assignment again I would choose this one because it was really enjoyable to do.


walking downtown to the old clothing store,

its cold outside so I open the door.
I thought I’d just stop by but its cool so ill explore.

It’s my sisters birthday in a few days so I figure I’ll get her something before Sunday.

But my moms calling, what do I do now.

Oh I’m in big trouble this cant go well already lost my my phone so what will she do now,

I hope it isn’t big or else I’m done for.

CHORUS: 10pm is what my phone says I got 15 minutes to get back or else I missed curfew, I    Really hope I get there.

10:10 is what my phone reads, that time is not what I need, maybe she’ll forget about it. 


I’m about to take a test 

I’m about to take a test 

its been a hard unit so I need to get it off my chest 

It began so now I started to write

I hope I do well and I get them all right.

Because  if i do I’m gonna get a sprite 



I pick up my paper and I hand it in 

I can already imagine me getting grounded

Because This was a lot harder than it should of been


Next class the teacher hands them back

And walking to my desk is my teacher Mr Mac

D+, this ain’t gonna be a fun ride home on the bus






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