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The power of music

The Power of Music 

sometimes you just need one thing to solve the big picture

1C7EB566-F85D-491F-8880-51217E753C0Ewhen words fail music speaks~ Shakespeare 


Music can help people in many ways. Music can do so many things, whether it is pumping you up for a sports game or listening to calm music in study hall to help you focus. Music helps me all the time when I’m down or when I just want to listen to music. I had just came back from a tough day at school in the beginning of seventh grade. I had taken a near impossible math test, in my opinion at least, and I really couldn’t look on the bright side of things, even though my mom brought my sister and I ice cream in the car. I didn’t have anything to do so I picked my phone put in my EarPods and put on a playlist. At that moment I didn’t think about hard my math test was, I just closed my eyes and listened the the beat and the lyrics of the song and it took my mind off of things. Sometimes you just need music, no matter what happens  happened through the day or what happened during the week, music can help. Sometimes you just need one thing to clear up a big problem.    



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This is very relatable, and I really like how your broad theme and conclusion say the same thing in different ways, it really leaves you thinking deeply about your theme.


I really liked how you wrote your concluding sentence, and also how you described your scene. The quote was also quite good.

Kevin Yuan

The quote helps emphasize the point of the essay really well. You were descriptive in setting the scene. This is a great essay.

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