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An experience with a friend




An experience is all you need. Even though My friend and I enjoy opposite things we are really close just by spending time together. All my friend and I needed an experience to become closer even though we don’t have a lot in common. It was a Friday night after a dreaded day of fourth grade and My mom and I were home talking at my house. She thought it would be a good idea to have Keagan over to my house since both our moms worked at Rivers so I agreed and didn’t know what to expect.

I heard a knock on the door and I walked over and said hi he said hi back and we went into our basement. After a while of awkward silence I asked him what he wanted to do. Keagan said soccer, I hated soccer I liked to play hockey and lacrosse but we moved on from that. He asked if we could watch a movie and I agreed, I then say something I didn’t want to see, Star Wars. I didn’t like that movie so I put on hockey, of course he didn’t like watching hockey so I turned it off and said let’s play knee hockey. Keagan agreed and we played, and played until 10:30 and my mom sent us upstairs. We had a blast we combined his awesome soccer commentary with some over exaggerating goalie saves that I loved to do and when my mom said how did it go, I replied with “awesome”.  

This was super important because I didn’t think we would ever get along because we liked opposite things but we combined the things we liked and made it into one fun activity. This taught me a lesson on how one experience is all you need to start something. And it worked, to this day we still play knee hockey and keep track of how many sleepovers we have had for fun. One experience can change things and make a new friendship or other things that can be really important in your life.

One experience is sometimes all you need to lead to other experiences to make a friendship or many other things.





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I feel you chad! I understand what it feels like to have to have a play date with a friend you dont really know


I liked the emphasis that you put on how you were “opposite” to your friend, yet still able to have fun together. Your opening sentence was also quite good.

Willie Belle

I understand what it feels liek to hang out with someone you really don’t know. I also liked how you said you were “opposite” to your friend, but you still had fun together, even though you were different.

Jack Doherty

I can relate to this, and I like reading this. I like how you said making new relationship can led to something new, and I can really reflect on that.

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