Daily journal number 1

Spring blog post 4

The place I go

I go a lot of places but this one separates from all the others. Palm trees spreading across the tall grass, muffled sounds of the rock solid, hard coconut making its way down a tree. The glistening, round moon hovers over the night sky making it hard to see the coconut with the small, lightning bolt shaped crack down the middle. The ground crunches and crackles with each step of the foamy shoe. The lustrous, shining sun sparkles over shredded bamboo. My eye spots a glazed, sparkled item, sharpened like a sword to perfection. The silver machete is there laid up against the hard, firm tree. I take a glance in my hand, I open my clenched fist, taking a quick glance at the knuckle marks before I did. There it rests before me, in my dry palm a magical, gray yet sparkling object rests there, flint. Flint, Machete and wood; the perfect mix to make a wonderful, heat filled explosion in the form of fire to rise like the dawn into the air. I hear one more sound though “ Chad wake up”. That’s where my dream ended. This is the place I go.





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