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I hope that this pandemic ends soon so that people can interact again and be free to talk to each other and go places. I hope that this pandemic ends so I can go back to seeing my friends and going on the sports field to play games. I hope that this pandemic ends so that I can go to my summer house to see my friends that I only get to see over the summer because they live across the country. I dream of a day when this is all over and I can talk to people in person face to face not on a screen or six feet apart. I dream of the summer days when I am on the 420 sailing with my friends and having fun instead of being trapped at home. 

      I am excited for the summer lacrosse season and hoping that it comes as soon as possible, and I hope that my team does well in the tournaments. I love going to the beach during the summer sailing or swimming. I love being on the lacrosse field or in the ice rink. I love chilling in my basement playing video games or other things. 

      I always try my hardest when I can at the things that I do to try to get better. I am very competitive at most things that I do from a air hockey game with my little sister to a tournament for sports. I always try my best to make the good out of tough situations to make it more enjoyable. I try my best at schoolwork even if it isn’t my best subject. One more thing about me is that I tend to procrastinate and put work off until the end. 


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Finn hudson

I like the way you structured your writing and how you talked about different concepts in each paragraph.


Great job! I think that you have written an extremely relatable piece right now more than ever. You have captured the feelings and emotions of most teens right now. Keep up the good work!

Will Hatten

I liked how you used very relatable content it makes it much more engaging. Great job Chad!

Drew Callen

This was a very relatable essay, and that made me like it a lot. Good job

Kevin Yuan

Nice essay, and it’s very relatable. Good job,

Andrew Crofton

i really like your second paragraph, I miss sports too and can’t wait to get to the beach.

Jack Doherty

I could relate to this piece very much, and this piece also flowed well too. I also like the format of it, good job.


Like Finn said, I really liked how you did a separate topic for each paragraph.


We are living now in this weird juxtaposition between reality and hopes. You capture this well in this piece.

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