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journal entry number 2

Wednesday, halfway through the second week on online classes. I woke up this morning really tired and went downstairs for breakfast. I realized that I didn’t finish my science homework so I had to go write my script. As I started writing I realized my iPad was about to die and I thought to myself, what could possibly go right this day. At nine o’clock AM advisory started and I hoped that it would be a good day from here even Though my Ipad was at 7 percent. During advisory our advisory just talked most of the time and then it was off to the first class, justice without borders. When I finally found the zoom link for justice nobody else was on the zoom because they couldn’t find it so it wasn’t until 15 minutes into class that everyone was in zoom so our class didn't have time to talk that much. Next was English we had zoom but it didn’t work. Well it didn’t work for me at least and some other kids, I couldn’t seem to find the right link and when I got the email with right link class was over in 3 minutes, but I still managed to get a bunch of work done anyways so it was still productive. I had a break next where I watched YouTube basically for 30 minutes and then I had my next class.  I had study hall so I did some science filming of the video that I wrote the script for. Last class I had Spanish, I clicked onto the zoom link for Spanish and the link did not work so it took 15 minutes for that to work but once I finally got on the zoom it was fine. Like most of the Spanish classes so far on online learning we talked about the quiz and then played a couple games of quizlet live. Then was afternoon advisory meeting. It is usually just ask questions and talk about the day and then your free to go do whatever for the rest of the day. Usually I would be really excited to end school days because I could go to sports practices and things but during quarantine there really is nothing to do other than homework and watch tv and do wall ball. So I pretty much had 9 hours to do something with no sport practices to go to.  So I pretty much did homework, watched YouTube, shot some lacrosse balls, ate dinner, read, and sleep. Just another day in quarantine.


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Drew Callen

I also hate having to stay at home all day. It seems like this day in the paragraph didn’t go that well for you, but this is a time where nobody is really used to anything


This is a good rundown of your day. If you broke it up into paragraphs it would be a bit easier to follow all of the details of your day in school. I especially love when you add your own thoughts to what you are writing about.


I like how descriptive you are, you break down your day very well so the reader can understand whats going on.

Kevin Yuan

This is a nice description of your day. Maybe next time break it up into paragraphs, and maybe don’t use “So I pretty much” as a sentence starter twice in a row.

Jack Doherty

It was a great reading and very descriptive, but make sure to capitalize the “J” in you subtitle.

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