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Friday April 10

8:55, I look at the clock and it takes a second and then I finally realized that I have morning advisory in 5 minutes I didn’t have time to eat anything so I put n some clothes and rushed downstairs. I open my email and realize that our advisory has to dress up in beach theme for a contest I think, so I run back up the stairs change into a short sleeve shirt,  put on a hat and sunglasses and get a beach theme zoom background and get on the morning advisory at nine o’clock. In advisory we took a screenshot of us all in beach theme and we talked about things to do on the weekend and I was off to my next class. I had math next and our class had a zoom meeting. Our class had a zoom meeting because we were taking a pause from watching a video every day and completing a worksheet too review. I was excited  because I didn’t understand the recent lesson completely, but I still managed to do the homework. In the zoom meeting Mr Miklusak said the homework wasn’t due until another day, and I was annoyed at first because I already did it but  then I realized that when the homework is due I don’t have to do it that night.  The next hour and a half was good though because I had all school meeting message, study hall and then a break so I got a good start on some work due over the weekend

     I had Spanish next, during Spanish we talked about the quiz and asked some questions and then played 20 minutes of quizlet live.  Quizlet live was annoying for me because my quizlet  stopped working and I got logged out of the game, which was probably annoying for the people on my team,  and couldn’t join for 7 minutes.  After Spanish was over I had science, during science we talked about our nature journals and the ecology vocab videos that we made. After the day was over we had afternoon advisory.  I haven’t quite understood why we have the afternoon advisory after the classes because we never had them during regular school, and it’s only like ten minutes. 

      After school was over I was glad that it was a Friday because everything was over and the weekend was next. I played basketball and lacrosse outside with my brother for a long time and then we came inside and played Xbox. After Xbox I had dinner, watched tv, played some video games and then finally went to bed


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Drew Callen

It’s even better while doing online school when Friday rolls around and you know the weekend is right around the corner. Nice job on doing what you’re supposed to do, just talking about your day.


Good job describing your day. I liked how you wrote about the various emotions that you felt throughout the day.

Kevin Yuan

Nice job describing your day so well, I like put in your own dialogue. Maybe next time find replacements for the word “after”?

Jack Doherty

I can relate to the beginning of story, I too also wake just before advisory. Also, when reading this it had lots of detail and also had great flow.

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