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Reading log

I think that I might of just hit a low point of quarantine. I thought that I had hit rock bottom when I enjoyed playing board games with my siblings instead of Netflix(because it was boring) but I never thought that this would happen. And here I am, having to write about something that I never thought would happen since around third grade. Reading more than I was required to.


     I had realized that I had to do something with my time because I was so bored, I couldn’t see my friends or play sports, so I decided to do my required reading for Fitz English. I didn’t really know what to read, because I had finished my other book, so I read a book that I read when I was little but didn’t really like it: Harry Potter. I went to the couch in my living room sat down and started to read. But when I started reading I sunrises myself in realizing that the book was really good and I wanted to keep reading and reading until I finished. By the time I did finish it was dinner time and 3 and a half hours had already gone by. 


     I didn’t really know how the time had gone by so fast it didn’t feel that long to me. I was to busy reading about the stories within the characters, all the plot twists, it was like a movie in my head while reading the book. No wonder this book is famous, it is just really enjoyable to read. I never thought that I would be reading a book for entertainment, because when I was younger I used to hate to read for fun. Even if I found a good book I would only read as much as I was required. The choice reading this week was actually really enjoyable because I found a really good  book and I will probably read the next one in the series now. 




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