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Power of Respect


Always respect others


Respect other people regardless of the level they are at or the level you are at. When you hand out respect, you get it back.” – Erik Estrada

Always respect others, it will always have a good impact. I had to respect people even when I didn’t want to, especially when I was a little kid. 

    Growing up is hard sometimes. Sometimes you have to do that by showing respect for others, especially adults, even when they don’t expect you to do so. 

     It was Christmas morning, the best day of the year when you are 8 years old. I was with my family, and the grandparents were giving out the next round of presents. I was at my house and it was my turn to get the present. I had almost gotten everything on my Christmas list this year and I knew my grandparents would come through with the last present I wanted. All of my siblings had gotten their favorite present and I wanted my new wii video game. I opened up the present, I felt tingling in my fingers as I carefully ripped open the rapping paper, and saw a t-shirt with a dog on it. All I wanted to do in that moment was cry and yell at my grandparents for not getting me the present I wanted. Even at eight years old, before I screamed the definition of respect came into my mind: A persons polite greetings. I replied with a simple thank you and got on with the Christmas. My grandparents were so impressed that they always were super kind and thoughtful to me just because I was respectful and polite. 

    Being respectful is a huge thing to do. It leaves a really good impression on people that you respect, and you feel good when you respect others.  By giving a good impression I mean that in the same experience that I had, others might act differently. I have been around other people that don’t respect the adults and they then wouldn’t think that kid was respectful. 

What I am trying to say is, be respectful it will anyways have a good impact.  Always be respectful, sometimes you might not want to. Take my advice and                be respectful and it will have a good impact.



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I really liked how you tied in your theme at the end of your smoking gun. I also like how you make sure to tell everyone that respect is always worth it in the end.

Drew Callen

I liked how you used an example of when you didn’t want to be respectful, but it was almost your only choice. I can definitely relate to this too, which made it a fun story to read.


I enjoyed how you told the reader what you wanted to do and went Down the road of almost bursting into tears and that jumped off the train and explained how your grandparents were very happy. Also i think this is very seasonally appropriate, considering that Christmas is a few day away!


I wish you would describe the setting a little bit more. I also this that the highlighted title shouldn't be highlighted. But in the end i really like the story.

Finn hudson

I liked how you kept on going back to your theme during the story to keep the readers in touch of the meaning to the story, and showing your emotions and how you had to hold them back and be polite.

Will Hatten

You really made your theme stick out. You dug deep in your head in heart by implanting the theme in the readers head. I loved how deep you got into your story, and I can relate, but I’d be the one screaming and crying. ;)

Kevin Yuan

Your example of The Power of Respect was great, since it is easily relatable. The part where you mention wanting to wanting to cry and yell really enhanced the experience. The second and last paragraphs are concise, yet they show your message really well. You have some small grammatical errors, but otherwise this is a great essay.

Dereck Then

I really liked how you used a experience in where you didn’t want to be respectful but you still were. You describe the scene very well which made it interesting to read.


I really liked how you described the scene where you were unwrapping the gifts. The emotions and detail all worked together quite well, and it fit nicely with your theme. One small thing though: I would suggest making your indents consistent—if you’re going to add them, add them for every paragraph.

Willie Belle

Your example of respect was great, since its extremely relatable. I liked your example of wanting to cry because you didn’t get the present I wanted, because again, its very relatable. I liked how you retold your theme at the end of the smoking gun.


My favorite part of the essay was how you made it as relatable as you could, trying to draw the reader in with words like we, it added a personal touch that allowed me to tap into my own opinions and feelings or times where I could relate to the eight year old Chad.

Jack Doherty

I really like reading this, you wrote this very well. I also liked how you told us how you felt and what you wanted to do, but you didn’t, and you showed respect there. Nice job.


I like how even at 8 years old you had the self control to instead of yelling and crying, to then thank your grandparents on the present.

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