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What If

Slam poem

Anyone can change other peoples’ opinions.

My mom 

My dad 

They all expect me to follow in the same path as them,

The same political party. 


But what if I don’t want to 

What if I am am different from what they expect.

What if I don't care on what happens in the world,

What if I don't care about politics,

What if I don't like to talk about the crisis in the world. 


There are kids, who’s opinions change because of their parents

There are kids who become just like them and care about the stuff that I don’t.

The political views and other stuff can be affected by what your parents say tell you, or what you see on the news and the stuff going wrong in the world. 

There are stuff, there are stuff that happens and you don’t see it, and the point of views of others can be changed by anyone. 


People say to me, “the apple doesn't fall far from the tree” that I’m just like my family, but what if I think that I am the exact opposite. 


What If the expectations that I am supposed to follow, I don’t follow 

What if I don’t do everything that I am expected to do

What if when someone walks up to me they call me by my first name instead of my parents son 

What if everyone doesn’t stereotype me because of my parents 

What if I believe in something else rather than my parents,

Is that the end of world?  

My parents’ mind is more shut than a dirty, broken down, closed restaurant.

My parents may not have an open mind about what I want to do,

But I do, my mind is full, full as a cup filled to the tip-pity top. 

You don’t have to follow in your parents path, 

you don’t have to follow on the same old, long path.

You can go on your own path, the new, and adventurous path. 


 Is it really up to them to tell you what to do?  


The expectation by your parents don’t have to be followed by you,

you can make your own expectations 


No one should expect anything from you,

No one should tell you different.

 - Chad Bartlett and Jack Doherty 





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This is exactly what a slam poem can and should be. Kids go their own ways. I raised seven kids and took them to church every Sunday. Now they are a lovely bunch of druids, atheists and agnostics:)

I will show them your poem. As parents we model what we want in our kids--but in the end we are only fingers pointing at the moon.


Now get your new journal entries in here!


Ah..just listened to the podcast. Up above indicate it is a collective poem. Like it.

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