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A Board Game Gone Right

A narrative story 


I used to not like to play board games at all, because I thought that they were a waste of time.  Before this pandemic started after school if I didn't have a sports practice I would never play a board game and my family and I didn’t really interact that much, because we didn’t have time. We were all to busy playing sports, doing homework and other things. That all changed when the quarantine started and I didn’t have a choice because there was absolutely nothing else to do(maybe there is but I just couldn’t think of any) and video games, Netflix, they were all getting boring. So I had no other choice. Fun.

        It was a Thursday night around seven o’clock after dinner. My family and I were probably going to play the board game in the living room the living room was the biggest room in the house, there is a big table in the middle of the room with a multicolored rug around it. There is one couch and 3 chairs and more tables with lamps and those type of things around the room. I got to the room first(mainly to get the best chair) and waited for the other to join. Once the rest of my family joined my dad explained the game that I already knew but I didn’t want to explain it. I always wished I was better at explaining these things, because it could come in handy later. We were playing telestrations, it’s like the game telephone but drawing pictures. The first round of the game nothing went right: my sister who always cheats at these type of things, complained that we were cheating, my brother messed up the drawings for everyone and set the game off course, and I don’t think he messed the drawings up on purpose. All I was thinking during the first round was, yup this is going exactly as I expected.

     I was wrong, once the game got rolling it was actually pretty exciting. I thought that the game was going to as boring as watching grass grow, but it was fun to play. We were all picking crazy ideas to draw about and hopefully make it all the way back to you with the same drawing, but that was quite unlikely because some people weren’t great at the game. Barely anybody could get their drawing all the way around staying the same, some of the time I would start out by drawing something like a car and the drawing would come back as a blob. Some of the rounds everybody would be drawing characters from different movies and the next round everybody was drawing something random. Eventually, once it got late it was almost time to stop and there was time for one last round. My dad and I both had one round that made it all the way around the horn, so if either of us got it we would win. I chose a simple topic, a popsicle and hoped that I could win. I ended up losing because my brother thought my popsicle was thumbtack(which was very annoying because I don’t know how a popsicle looks like a thumbtack), and my dad won by drawing an American flag. Even though I ended up losing I still had fun.

     Most of the time I think that quarantine is horrible, not being able to see your friends and play sports, but as bad as it is there is still good things that can come out of it just like this. I thought that the board game with my family was going to be boring, but it actually was fun and it wouldn’t be that bad to have to do it again.       

     There is always something good that can come out of bad times like these.




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Will Hatten

I really agree with your statement, how good things can come out of this quarantine and how there is valuable time with your family that some of us don’t usually get because of how busy we are.

Finn hudson

I agree with what you said during your story because during this quarantine you can realize how you can get the most out of this by spending time with your family and doing stuff you normally wouldn’t do.


I liked how you mentioned that although quarantine is bad, there are still good things that happen because of it, such as spending more time with family.

Drew Callen

Your explanation of spending time with family was good because we are all usually busy and not with our family, and how you elaborated on why quarantine isn’t all that bad and there are a lot of things you can do that you don’t usually have the time for.

Jack Doherty

I like how you talked about spending time with your family, and about how some of aren't with our family wen we should be. Nice job, way to go.

Dereck Then

I can really relate to this piece because I have spent a lot of time with my family recently, and that’s only because we are in quarantine, I also like how you explained even though we are in quarantine good things can still come out of it. This was a really nice piece.

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