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Would You Rather be Happy and Ignorant or Wise?

The Pursuit of Happiness


“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
Ernest Hemingway

    I would rather be happy and ignorant than wise. If you have lived a happy life, what’s more to ask for? Being wise comes with it’s flaws. For you to have wisdom you need to have knowledge or experience. This means knowledge and experience of the bad as well as the good. Would you rather have knowledge and experience of the bad or be ignorant and happy? I’d rather be happy. This question is asking if you would sacrifice happiness for knowledge, and I’d rather have happiness. There is more to life than having knowledge and experience, in such a large and vast universe our lives are meaningless. Whether we get into the school we want, or get the grade we want will have no affect on the universe. It’s not a good way to look at life, but it’s true. So why not be happy in the short life we have. It’s like the question would you rather be poor and happy, or rich and unhappy? Most people pick poor and happy. Would you rather to be poor in knowledge and happy, or rich in knowledge and unhappy? I would pick poor in knowledge and happy. There are flaws with both choices. The first choices main flaw is that your ignorant, and no one wants to be ignorant. The second choice is being wise but not happy all the time, the question never says unhappy. But who wouldn’t want happy all the the time? Being happy means you are content with yourself, and if you’re happy with who you are who cares what other people think. Being wise allows you to have knowledge and experience others don’t, even if your knowledge and experience come from a painful experience. The choice is whether being happy is all that matters, or if being wise is all that matters; and I think that if I have had a happy life then I have had a fulfilled life.