Moby Dick
Hints of Poetry

Crows and Swallows

What Is A Poem To Me


The first poem I read was A Text Is But A Paltry Thing. The reason this poem cuaght my eye was because it was a similar to a line in my wwfenn piece. This poem “worked for me” because it was relatable and easy to understand. In poems sometimes simplicity can work, and can even be beautiful. The second poem I read was  I Wish Life Was As Simple. This worked for me cause I like simple. Poems that are simple are poems that work for me. The comparision of life to an old lawnmower is a simple one that most can relate to and understand. The third poem I read was I Have Been Here Before. The reason this worked for me was because it was relatable. I have been in the situation you describe many times this year. I find that poems that are relatable work better for me.