Clothes and Shelter
Power of Place (Fenn Edition)

A Quite Walk

An Escape or Burden


    I walk along the fence lining the dusty green field which enclosed the horses. A short walk from my house was a place almost untouched by the grips of technology. The crab apple tree was the only tree in the somewhat barren field. Unlike the field the thin coats of hair on the horses were colored with vibrant whites, and shadowed brown’s and darks. My forearms laid against the fence as I watched the horses trot and live. The horses make living so simple; they eat, they walk,  they sleep. I wish I could live like that, but my mind won’t let me. Simplicity is not a gift, but a burden for me; and I will do anything to relieve that burden. As I rest and watch the horses my mind races, the horses start neighing like they almost sense my restlessness. However it is only the mechanic machine tumbling down the road. The horses don’t need a path like the machine, they only need to roam free in the field. However the freeness does have an end, and that end is a old wooden fence enclosing them. No freeness is forever, so I must enjoy the very little that I get.