Clothes and Shelter

Haiku Portfolio

A Year Round Beauty



Yellow orange brown

It sways in the windy blue sky

Hanging by a thread


In the painted grass

Lays the fallen soldier

Pig skin by his side


It dances and sings

With it’s mighty force knocking

painted leafs to the ground


Naked she stands

Her arms stretched far out

And leaves near her feet







He falls in the night sky 

Surrounded by his many comrades

For all of them are different


The paleness spreads

For it’s bleakness is depressing

And it’s never ending


The needles stab my skin

My teeth grit in pain as I shake

Then I go back inside


His boots shape the earth

Yet it is reversed in a matter of minutes

It is called winter





Drip drop drip drop

The young sun is hidden away

But the young buds grow


It is but not

It is cold but also hot

This is spring


Bleakness to brightness

Bland is transformed into a vibrant

Nature comes out to play


The cries of the warriors

The clash of the metal welded swords

And that small white ball





Almost nearly there

So close yet also so far

That wonderful summer


He who sleeps long

Who has little to care for

Will live for summer


It’s feeling is ephemeral

Because before you know it

It is quickly over


Why this hiatus is nice

From our fast paced lives

I will miss it