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Without Entertainment What is Life


“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”

-Tony Robbins

    Man in the most primal of situations, is a man who needs only necessities. As technology has advanced, what humans need to survive hasn’t. The juices from meat, the warmth from clothes, and the protection from shelter are the necessities in which all, including I, need. Yet one necessity out-ways those listed before: that is entertainment. In a lengthy all school meeting with my belly full, with my body  clothed, and with the towering stature of Ward Hall protecting me; I would still not be safe by the poisoned spears of boredom. The spears pierce my stomach, rip my clothes, and brings the walls of Ward Hall crumbling down. For I would be unable to think, unable reason. Even with food, clothes, and shelter, sheer boredom can bring a mans life to an end for he will be driven mad. With constant entertainment at the click of a button, I could not fathom what would happen if entertainment was taken from me. Food would become meaningless, clothes wouldn’t be able to warm the coldness of boredom, and shelter would become a jail cell. Sleep would become my haven, until I would fall into an endless sleep just to rid myself of boredom. However I do not see the abundance of entertainment running low, so for now I will rest easy.