Empathy, Bigotry & Marginalization

A Solitary Walk



“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

A walk can clear your mind. It can free you from whatever’s bothering you, and gives you time to think. It can cause the deepest memories to feel like yesterday, and create memories that you will remember forever. It can make you move on from the most bothering things, and it can even make you remember to do your homework. 

A walk isn’t very hard to do, and it isn’t very long. It’s a short and thoughtful walk that helps the most. It’s easy to laugh it off and just think on your own, but just walking by a bunch of trees helped for me. I just stared into the trees, and it got me thinking on so many different things, and thinking of them in so many different angles. It’s easy to get lost in thought, when your doing nothing but thinking. It’s easy to not think and just block everything out, but I was thinking of some of the happiest memories I’ve had, and some of the most painful I’ve had. 


So the next day I went back. I took another walk to clear my mind. I wasn’t worried, necessarily. I was just bothered and preoccupied. It’s very tiresome when you sit at home all day, and it’s very boring and hard on your mind. I hate staying at home by myself all day, and that kinda preoccupied me. And again, I was thinking very deeply just sitting there and staring. Staring at the trees, at the birds, and at the grass. I’ve never really had a connection with nature, until now. Until you really want to think on something, you won’t have a connection, but when your troubled by something, nature will be waiting to calm you down. 


Never, doubt the power of looking and thinking. 


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