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An Experience with a Friend

A Experience with a Friend

A little company can help a big problem


“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.”

~Winnie The Pooh


    Tough times, can be overcome easily. Some company, and just someone to be around and talk to, can fix them for me. Many things can be fixed with just being with a friend, but one of them, stuck with me. I just needed someone to bring up back from the ground when I fell, and someone to be around. 

At this time, pretty much anything could cheer me up. I was struggling a lot, especially in the rink. It was in a really big tournament in Italy last summer. I was struggling a lot. My coach hated me so he wouldn’t play me. I still scored a little, but not enough, especially with the standards I set for myself. I was hanging out with my friend on the team, our first line center. We were just hanging out in a restaurant, and even just his presence cheered me up. I had the most fun I ever had on the trip, and I was the happiest I was in a while.


The next day, when we played. I scored five goals, in a single game, with barely any ice time. Only because I was happy. It’s not the fact that I started to play better and that I made the all-star team because of that game. It was just the fact that I realized that its not all about how I did, or what I did. It was that I was just happy, and if I was, everything would be better. I found happiness when there was none to be found, so why can’t everybody.


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I like how you end it with a question that is also the morale of the story.

Finn hudson

I like how you showed how you pushed through your coach not playing you a lot and being happy which lead you to getting 5 goals and making the all star game. Also I like how you said your moral as a question in the end which is something I have not seen yet.


I really liked the whole story but especially the ending since you used a question.


I liked it all. The end when you had it open ended where it could go either way was nice.


I liked how you said that being happy made you play better. Also, I liked your opening sentence.

Will Hatten

I liked how you said when your happy you play much better, and I can relate.

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