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Empathy, Bigotry & Marginalization

Empathy, Bigotry & Marginalization

86420D8E-9398-4A7A-B8E0-BFB601848182“What a sad era when it is easier to smash a atom than a prejudice”

~Albert Einstein

 Marginalization isn’t a good, for someone’s life. I never want to be left out and marginalized, but still I witness too much of it, and i never do anything about it. Some people don’t want to be left out, so they do stuff to other people to fit in. I’ve witnessed this many times, and its not a good feeling for the person that its happening to. In the beginning of a school year, you start to meet new people, and make new friends. Someone that I knew, was attempting to be friends with a kid, but they weren’t exactly the people with the same interests. So what happened was, the kid was trying to fit in, but he really wasn’t going to be able to if he didn’t do something that they liked or found funny.

So he saw this kid that was also trying to fit in, and he said some mean insults to try and sound and feel cool in front of them. The kid after, felt awful. I could literally see it in his face that he wasn’t too pleased with what was said about him, and ever since, he’s been kind of an outsider because of one kid that was trying to fit into a group. The kid that was trying to fit in, marginalized out someone else, just to be friends with a kid he liked. It wasn’t what was said that really hurt the kid, it was how he realized, that the people he’s been around, just turned on him, because someone else, wanted to be in his spot.


I felt extremely empathetic, but I didn't do anything about it, as the friend group he was trying to fit into, was the friend group I was in. So I was also guilty of it, and so was everyone else. I didn’t do anything to him, I just didn’t do anything to fix what was done, and I felt really bad about that. Sometimes, standing up for bigotry and marginalization might not be the right idea at first, but when the damage has been done, its better than just not doing anything. 

Don’t hurt other people to lift yourself.


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I like the experience you chose, I have seen things like this happen too. Great writing!

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