Tom Sawyer Literary Reflection
The Power of Chores

Narrative Story

The Price of Freedom


“Freedom lies in being bold”

~Robert Frost

Usually I get home around 11 every night, and I say hello to my parents and I go to bed. I never see my mom often during the day, and my dad drives me around but I still don’t really talk with him a lot. So when it was time to stay with my parents all day during break, I tried to avoid them. I would sit in my room all day, go out with friends, and evade my parents. But sometimes I would have to be with them, and to be honest it’s kinda awkward how they always try to rope me into meaningless conversations. 

But then things got heated. I wanted to go stay at my friends house for a night and they wouldn’t let me. So I argued and even though I was right, they wouldn’t allow it so they sent me to my room for the rest of the day, only letting me out to eat. That night was very boring. I didn’t expect them to react like this when all I wanted was a sleepover. But I guess all parents are a little overprotective. 


The next day I didn't even bother to come downstairs, an I only came down when I was starving. And even being malnourished didn’t Change their attitude or mine. I fended off their attempts to change me, and they did the same back. I wasn’t going to budge, and they weren’t going to budge. At least my dog sided with me as he started to follow me instead of my dad. 


My friends started to sneak over to my house instead of me going to theirs. I would take them from the basement door and up to my room. I didn’t care if I got caught, as I wasn’t going to be persuaded to change. I was finally at my end, as one day I told them, “I’m tired of being the 12 year old kid that’s treated as if he’s 3”. They folded after I said that. They gave me more freedom, which was all I wanted after all. But ever since then my relationship with my parents have been shaky. All I wanted was some freedom, and it took a week to get it.


It’s not that I didn’t love them, of course I love them. It’s not that I don’t like my life, I like it. It’s not that I don’t want protection, it’s never bad to have protection. But I don’t want to be shielded and protected from everything, and all I wanted was to be able to do more things with my friends. I didn’t want to feel like I was locked up in the house like a prisoner. 


I wanted freedom, but I realized all I had to do was ask, not argue. I learned a valuable lesson.


If you want something, ask, don’t argue.



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