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The Power of Chores




 “Concentrate all your thoughts upon te work in hand. The suns rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

~Alexander Graham Bell


Chores, is what I hate. Chores are boring, stupid, useless and just way too time consuming. Even though I hate them it is necessary to do them. No matter how much you hate them. I learned this when my parents first started to make me do some work around the house. It wasn’t a fun day for me.

Like I said I hate them. I had to vacuum the entire house, and then I would have to wash the dishes, and on top of that, I would have to do all of my homework which is by far the worst chore. It’s no fun having to do these things, but I realize there is a deeper meaning in chores.

Chores are supposed to teach you important lessons. One of them, is you have to earn your freedom, and I learned this because I couldn’t play video games until I finished all of the chores. Another lesson I learned, is that you have to do the work, even if you don’t like it. Many more lessons were learned, but the most important one I learned, is that you have the do the work, even if you don’t like it.

Work, whether you like it or not.

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When my kids were young, I would only let them play video games if it was raining or the sun was down. I think they hated me for that, but they laugh about it now.

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