The Power of Respect
Tom Sawyer Literary Reflection

The Power of Music

The Power of Music

The smallest things, can help the biggest problems


“Without music, life would be a mistake”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

    Music has a big impact in people’s lives. Music impacts me, in many ways, and I use it for many reasons. I use it to keep me focused while doing work, I use it to pump me up for sports games, and many other things. It has a big impact on my life. One time, while I was pretty sad because of a school grade, I sat in my car and just listened to music. The music distracted me, and swept me away from reality as I was so immersed in the lyrics of the song. I forgot all of the bad things happened so far in the day, and used music to clear up my mind, and just to relax. This is only one example of when I used it, and this is only one example of a way I can use it. There are many other times, that I just used music to relax, and reset the day. It doesn’t matter what happened, I just need something else to think about. Sometimes, you just need the smallest things, to clear up the biggest problems.


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Chad Bartlett

I found this writing very well done. It was very relatable and the grammar was very good. I also really liked the ending.


I really like how your smoking gun was really detailed and explained the experience really well. I also like how well you reflect in your smoking gun.


I liked the part where you described how music “swept me away from reality.” Also, I liked your conclusion.

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