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The Power of Respect

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Why respect is the most important value


“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”     

~ Albert Einstein


Give respect to get respect. People will treat you well, if you give them your respect. I’ve learned through many experiences, that to receive respect, you give respect. Even if its something your not interested in.

Always, show and give respect, and nothing bad will ever happen. I’ve learned this the most at all school meeting the day before break, after I had already gotten in big trouble. During all school meeting, I was a little depressed because I just found out I had to serve a Tuesday detention for not listening to a teachers instructions and after being talked to, I still kept doing what I wasn’t supposed to be doing.

After already getting in trouble earlier in the year I walked in pretty depressed and unhappy, but at least I was going to go on break in a couple hours. I didn’t pay attention the whole time, and after Ms McCarthy asked to talk to me. I started to panic as I walked into her office as she lectured me and said that she was disappointed in how I handled things after.

I’ve learned a lot from this experience. Ive learned to pay attention. But most importantly, Ive learned to show and give respect, because nothing’s bad will ever happen if you just show some respect. Ever since then I’ve learned one thing: give respect to get respect.



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I really like how you start and end with your theme, and the words: “give respect to get respect.” It feels like parallel structure in the way that I really have those words stuck in my head now.


Very well constructed! A little on the. Short side and i found a few typos but otherwise very great! I liked how you I fly wrote your feelings. Something a reader is oblivious of when they are reading! Good job!

Finn hudson

I really like your theme because it has been a major theme in my life because whenever I am respectful to people they give me respect back but when someone is not respectful to me I don't give respect back. Also I like how you said even if its something your not interested in you still have to give respect because it’s always the right thing to do.


I really like the start and ending, give respect to get respect is now stuck in my mind. I really like how you wrote your feelings in the way you did.


I felt that your broad theme was very well done. So when you kept coming back to it in the middle of the story and at the end of it, it makes the story better. Give respect and get respect was a great idea. Nice job.

Will Hatten

You repeating of the theme made it stick to me even when I wasn’t reading the specific words “give respect, get respect.” I think that was what you were aiming for so really good job and I can tell you are showing more respect.

Kevin Yuan

I like how the paragraph begins and ends with the same exact words. This really emphasizes the point of the essay. You describe your emotions really well as the story goes on, but I feel like some of the sentences are a little too long. Also, there are some small grammar issues, and maybe you could use some synonyms for respect, but otherwise this is really well written.

Dereck Then

I really like how you used parallel structure repeating the word respect. It really made the word stick with me through The whole story. There were a few typos but overall a great story.


I like the experience you choose to do, I think it works well and is interesting. The experience makes you want to read more and your theme is a great one: nothing bad can come from respect. It is a very true statement that I strongly agree with.


Like pretty much everyone else, I really liked how you repeated your theme at the beginning and the end of the paragraph. If not done correctly, it might have sound a bit annoying, but you wrote it well, and in my opinion, it definitely made the paragraph better.

Jack Doherty

I like how you really describe your theme, and how you learned from your mistakes. You did a nice job with this, and you described the scene well.

Drew Callen

The story is pretty hooking and the conclusion sentence is very smart and wise.

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