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Tom Sawyer Literary Reflection

Tom Sawyer Literary Reflection

Childhood at its finest

CF567D46-F012-45D9-8B58-FFED7825F5D7“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.”

~ Dr Seuss

   Childhood is where we all start. Sometimes, I can’t imagine, how much more work we have to do in adulthood, and how we have it easy. If you want to do less work, enjoy it now, because later in life, it’ll just get harder and harder. You might have to do work sometimes, but don’t get down about it, enjoy it. I planned to read Tom Sawyer last minute, because I didn’t want to do work. I didn’t want to do something hard, as I was a child and anybody in the middle of childhood wouldn’t want to do it either. But I made myself do it. After the first couple sentences and a couple of breaks, I started to get into the story. The story just got better and better as I went along, and finally, I made it to the end a lot faster than I expected. I didn’t want to do work, and that’s just the way childhood is and how young boys act. But after I started, and it wasn’t too great, I realized I was making this boring for myself. I realized that I had to make it fun, instead of just pouting about it. Childhood and boyhood is the best part of your life. Just enjoy what your doing, and live in the moment. Your childhood can be the best part of your life or the worst, but its up to you to decide which one you want it to be.


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Drew Callen

I also procrastinate a lot, so I was able to relate to this story a lot. The quote was pretty funny too.

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