Never give up


By Harrison Bertos 





“Keep your head high, and you my son will go far”




When I was shuffling through websites each one displaying “top ten sports poems!” I was delighted to do one of these, I always had not been big on memorizing a “hard poem”. I walked up the stairs and stepped into class I couldn’t wait to rock out this easy poem of mine as I approached Fitz with the classic miracle on ice poem he simply turned to me in his laid back, creaking old chair and lifted up his glasses and turned and said “no”. I was lost, out of place, I would have to think, keep my head, and trust myself about changing my ways. 



The poem I chose is called “if” Rudyard Kipling this poem  is truly brilliant. Without a doubt, it’s one of Richards great greatest poems of all time. Ripyard Kipling's “if”is addressed to his son John. The poem contains multiple characteristics to the ideal man, a man that must be humble, patient, rational, truthful, dependable, and preserving.  The man must continue to have faith in himself when others doubt him he must be able to deal with defeat.  This poem is inspiring and applies to all aspects of my life. I decided to choose this poem because as I was just leaving for a national team tryout in South Carolina  I thought about the words in this poem. These words applied to some of my biggest problems as a boy. The experience of reading this poem book was amazing, as I read it over I was caught myself getting lost and zoning out on a scene in my life that had to relate to the poem. This made me realize that this was the right poem for me, I believe that this will be one of the hardest things I’ve had to memorize. This poem has touched my heart and made me feel different types of feelings I’ve never felt. 


In just a couple of days, Rudyard Kipling has brought me to another world.  Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance

The Ninth Grade Journey



A journey that I’ll never forget 


By Harrison Bertos 






     It was the first day of school in sixth grade,  a sunny day in Concord Massachusetts. I peeked  outside the window and heard screams of “pass!” “Touchdown”, “hey nice to meet you”. As I arrived a nice little boy just like me approached me and said “welcome to Fenn!” He showed me around each aspect of the school and just like that already, I had felt connected. This is when I realized that this place called Fenn would be my home for the next couple of years and I would love it with all my heart. 


    This ninth grade year has been filled with respect, courage, honesty, empathy, and lessons I will carry with me throughout my whole life. At first, when I had arrived in Camp Belknap at the beginning of this year everyone seemed to feel disconnected. Everyone was looking to get a laugh and put their peers down instead of lifting them up. This caused serious problems at Belknap and throughout the start of the school year as our class seemed to split apart. The teachers took notice throughout the halls and decided to call a class meeting. As we met upstairs in Mrs. Mott’s room each kid opened up on the situation and it was the first time I felt that anyone had brought out the truth. Everyone had agreed and for the first time the whole class had came together. After this meeting the past two months have improved most of my classmates have been able to respect each other. On the soccer field I’ve also applied this, at the beginning of the year for Fenn I thought I was to good for the team. I would never look to pass and would always try to get my stats up. In the middle of the season I looked at my teammates and saw their faces all down and not happy I felt empathy. The next few games I tried my best to share the ball and to my surprise, our played improved drastically. Our team won the next five games in a row with seven of my teammates scoring in those games. 

     Throughout my years at Fenn I’ve never really payed attention to the words sua sponte and the four core values. But, this year I was able to apply many of these values to my life as a whole and it definitely paid off staying for ninth grade. I’ve been able to try new things meet new people and especially understand the four core values of Fenn. Ninth grade here has prepared me for the future, this year has been extraordinary, educational and influential. This ninth grade year has been like a four-course meal on a dirty pitch. 



What I seek


 By Harrison Bertos 

Be wise because being wise can create happiness




    When I first saw this question, I was confused by it. I had never thought about this before. The life that I seek is an interesting and difficult question to answer at this point in my life but one that I need to consider as I enter my high school and college years. As I decide on my future path, whether I want to I seek to become a professional soccer player, coach, teacher, doctor or an electrician, I want to make wise decisions that I base on my education, athletic and life experiences. In life I seek to become a professional soccer player that plays at the highest level with a healthy and happy family. I want to get a great education and start my career by playing at a division 1 college. Eventually, I want to be a parent and try to make sure all the people I love are happy with themselves and their lives become something worth meaning. I want to be a leader throughout the world and help make sure everyone has opportunity and is able to have all the food they need on their plate.

I want to help children like I once was and give them a headstart in their life. To do these things, I must be wise and make good decisions in life. Sure, being ignorant can sometimes be beneficial but this happiness would not be real.  I have wanted to be wise since I was a little kid and believe that being wise can bring you to many amazing places. I believe being wise can bring you anything you want whether it’s fame, happiness, wealth or even more. In the long run being wise is more likely to lead to real happiness. For example, if I take a math test and I’m too ignorant to realize that a poor grade might lead to me not getting into the school I want to go to, I might not reach my dream job.  By being wise, I will understand the test is vital to my future and I will prepare for the test to make sure I get the grade I need. Being happy and ignorant can sometimes make you happy for a short period of time, but being wise will create long term happiness. I think that through being more determined in school and in athletics, I can be wise “beyond my years” and this will hopefully lead to true happiness. This is why I have decided that in my life I will to seek to be wise instead of being ignorant and happy.

A Childs Christmas in Wales


By Harrison Bertos




“ Imagination can take you everywhere”

-Albert Einstein 



        One's imagination is endless if you want it to be. In Jack Thomas’ short story, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, the narrator brings us through a child’s life at Christmas. Growing up in a Welsh seaside town was magical for the child, always snowy and full of adventure. Dylan Thomas is able to recall and evoke the feelings of being a child and experiencing the season with the sense of wonder that we all have felt. Dylan, throughout his childhood, uses his imagination to create scenes that seem way more interesting than they actually are. To create this, Thomas uses specific writing techniques using muscular verbs and good imagery to create a rich image for the reader. In Wales, it’s Christmas Eve, and Thomas is out with his friend Jim in Mrs. Pothero’s garden.  Mrs. Pothero, Jim’s mom, screams for help and she exclaims “fire!”.  The boys rush over to his mom like it’s a life or death situation. Thomas and Jim act like they are soldiers as if Mrs. Pothero is being attacked and they must save her life. Here is an example of great imagery:



“We were so still, Eskimo-footed arctic marksmen in the muffling silence of the eternal snows--eternal, ever since Wednesday--that we never heard Mrs. Prothero's first cry from her igloo at the bottom of the garden. Or, if we heard it at all, it was, to us, like the far-off challenge of our enemy and prey, the neighbor's polar cat. But soon the voice grew louder.” [Excerpt From A Child’s Christmas in Wales By Dylan Thomas] 


   Thomas uses his imagination in this scene to act like he is an “Eskimo footed Arctic marksmen” on a rescue mission. The regular scene that actually had occurred was just a small bit of smoke from the stove. Thomas made the story  more intriguing by using a cat across the street to represent the enemy.  This excited me to read more and learn what would happen next.  Many times throughout the story, I was able to relate to Thomas’s writing as I felt that he was writing about me  when I was a younger boy. I was exactly like Thomas, putting on a super man vest running around saving my dog from eating a small piece of chocolate.  


Without attention to detail, you’ll never see the brighter day. In A Child’s Christmas in Wales, Thomas uses similes, metaphors and parallel structure  to make his writing more lively and make the images more rich. In this sentence on the first page, Thomas talks about the Christmas’s in his life and uses different writing types to create a vivid image in the reader's mind. 


“All the Christmas’s roll down toward the two-tongued sea, like a cold and headlong moon bundling down the sky that was our street; and they stop at the rim of the ice-edged fish-freezing waves, and I plunge my hands in the snow and bring out whatever I can find.”


Dylan Thomas uses similes and correct punctuation to make this quote sound beautiful and exciting. In this quote, Dylan uses a simile “like a cold and headlong moon...,” This simile enriches the writing and helps the reader understand what the street is actually like. Dylan Thomas puts so much thought into this quote and makes the reader feel like he is on the street at the exact moment. Thomas also uses a metaphor right before this quote.  It says “All Christmas’s roll down toward....”. This metaphor gives us an idea of how his Christmas’s has been. This quote is not only significant, but it is at the beginning of the book so right away Thomas is able to invite us right into his life story.  This intruged me right away to want to read more. The different sentence techniques that Thomas used made his story powerful and interesting for the reader. 



     Throughout A Child’s Christmas in Wales, the theme of imagination appears several times. Dylan Thomas uses his imagination as a child to help the reader comprehend what’s going on so the reader was be invested to learn more.  Peoples' imaginations are powerful, endless, and inspiring. Dylan used his imagination to use his great wrting techniques and exquisite words. Our imaginations lead us to special places, places we would otherwise never see. 

Christmas Day



By Harrison Bertos





“Traditional celebrations are important to ones family”



     Traditional celebrations are important to families. In my family, every year we celebrate Christmas. This tradition is important to me because it’s a day to be thankful for family. Everyone in my family is usually doing their own thing each and every day.  We are a busy family with a lot of kids. At Christmas, it’s a time where we come together as a family and focus to be thankful for each other. The goal to not focus on what presents you receive, but it is the thought that counts. 


     It was December 25, 2010, it  was a beautiful snowy day in Bedford, Massachusetts . My sister Kiley and my two younger siblings Laney and Sanders were  to see all the presents, the thoughts of  Xbox, sleds, and gift cards floated in my head. My brother ran around the room like a dog screaming, “presents, presents, presents!” My Mom's famous blueberry pancakes  and the mouthwatering freshly squeezed orange juice was served on the green Christmas table. After we finished the delightful food, we quickly gathered around the tree to see what presents everyone would receive this Christmas. 

     It was my turn, I grabbed the pink square present and tore it apart and the package read Dora Explorer. I slammed the package on the  floor screaming, “NO!”. I was immediately sent to my room. I was so confused and I didn’t like the present, so I expressed myself.  Thirty minutes later my parents both came in to my room and explained to me why I was sent to my room.  My parents explained to me that Christmas is not about the presents, it’s the thought that matters. I really was confused as a young boy by this, but after I realized why. I realized,  holidays aren’tall  about money or presents, holidays are about coming together and bonding as a family. Maybe even being grateful for a gift that is given that is not exactly what you want is part of Christmas too. This lesson has helped me throughout the years and I’ve been able to mature a lot because of this.

     For the Christmas’s after this one, I’ve focused to be always respectful and to bond with my family because love, is the most important aspect in a family.







Be Thankful For Family





In my life, I’m thankful for everything, especially my family. 

By Harrison Bertos 


     The morning dew was just glistening on the grass, Sanders ran through the field carrying the soccer ball pretending to be Messi scoring one of the greatest goals in history. My sister Laney, creating her unique style of wierd musically ’s editing them till “perfection”. My sister kiley, lying lazily in her bed finishing up the final espisode of her horrific show of Criminal Minds. My dad, in the basement working out yelling  “Harry get down here!”. Mom looking at new kitchen supplies, that she would probably never buy in her life time. My two dogs and cats sniffing every corner of our household, meowing and barking for food. And there was me, chilling in my room and eating my Doritos and playing fortnite . My family is pretty weird, to be honest, but my family has taught me important life lessons and much more. My family has made me what I am today, and I’m thankful for that.

     Each of my family members has had a huge impact on my life experience. First off, My parents have gave me life, they have provided for everything for me . One big lifetime decision my parents had made for me was to go to Fenn. When I heard about this, I was bananas screaming “never”  not wanting to ever leave all my friends from Bedford. But, I finally gave in and I was willing to put my trust into my parents. As usual they were correct. I ended up loving Fenn in sixth grade. The close relationships that I made at Fenn with students, receiving astonishing teaching, and most importantly the mouthwatering food here. These factors are just some reasons why Fenn is such an amazing place. The second people in my family I’m thankful for is my younger siblings. Sometimes honestly these kids annoy me so much, but that’s why I love them. My brother and sister look up to me as a human. My younger siblings are always there to help me if I’m in need, always there to play with me when I’m bored. My older sister isn’t around as much these days but me and her have been best buds all our childhoods. Kiley and I working together to always finding different ways to use the WiFi once our parents shut it off. She has encouraged me to try different types of food and has helped me on multiple occasions in math. She is an example of a great sister. My family might be different than any other ordinary one but I am thankful for that. They have shaped to become the best I can be.







The Call Of The Wild Reflection





Adapt  To What You Have

By Harrison Bertos










  (In the perspective of Buck )the  cold and windy night were upon us, the snow on the ground was making my toes tingle. No more unlimited fire was here to save me, there were no animals to chase around, and especially no people to gift me with nice little dog treats. My life was over. I thought there was no chance. I would never make it back to my normal life. I would die out here. I was broken. The group of dogs with me seemed not to care about where they were and what the condition they were in. Then I realized something, acting negative was going to get me nowhere,  I needed to adapt.  And when I adapted, something magical happened.


The Call Of The Wild By Jack London  is a very inspirational book and it’s a great read. The book brings us on a journey through a dog's life whose name is Buck. Buck gets taken away from his modern life, into a life of terror in the wilderness. He witnesses terrible scenes that he has never witnessed before. The book is setting up north during the winter.  A quote to describe Bucks “He was beaten (he knew that); but he was not broken. He saw once for all, that he stood no chance against a man with a club. He learned his lesson, and in all his after life he never forgot it.” Buck has to adapt to the circumstances he is withstanding. Buck has to do this because he has been struggling, and he’s going to die if he doesn’t. 


Throughout the reading of the Call Of The Wild I could relate to Buck and his feelings towards his new life. During the reading I felt emotions of sadness towards Buck. The times where animals just like Buck have been eaten alive or whipped in front of others. I’ve felt sad for the animals I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be in thier shoes. The quick transition Buck has had to make from a house dog to the Wild in just a few months is insane. A theme that I related to during the book was the way Buck was able to adapt. When I traveled to Spain I had to play soccer with a Spanish team that only spoke Spanish. This was difficult as I had a hard time communicating with these players. It wasn't fun for me, and I had to adapt to the Spanish culture. This brought up other memories of books like  the Hatchet where a man has to adapt to the Wild after his plane crashes. This book has made me able to relate to myself and the world.



For me this beautiful piece of literature so far has very interesting the words the author has used has intrigued me to read more and more. The ways buck realtes to human life is amazing many times I’ve been able to look back at myself and relate to buck throughout the book. As  Buck has overruled spitz as the leader I am excited to see if buck will thrive and adapt as one or struggle in his new position. This book has also helped me learn multiple more words and has helped me for the ssat. 


Even though Buck is just a small dog he’s already made a difference in my learning.

The Call of the Wild

Harrison Bertos

Literary Analysis 

Fitz 9th Grade English



Intelligence Leads to Leadership 





By Harrison Bertos 





“At a bound Buck took up the duties of leadership, and where judgment was required, and quick thinking and quick acting he showed himself superior even of Spitz, of whom Franois had never seen an equal.” -Jack London

     A team without a leader is no team.  In the action-packed novel Call of The Wild. Buck the dog, the main character. Is taken away from his great life to a life in the snowy wilderness. Buck is sent with a pack of dogs up north in Canada. During this time, Buck takes it upon himself to lead this pack of dogs. Buck witnesses terrible scenes of dogs being wild.  Buck transitions from a ranch dog to sled dog in a matter of months. Buck goes from getting dog treats to pulling 1000 pound sleds up a mountain. In chapter two of the book, the sled team was in the middle of their travels when some in the group were dying. They were sick and didn’t have enough food to become healthy again.  Buck had to help them, he jumped down and helped his friend rest. When Buck heard another dog doing his work, he couldn’t let that happen. Right after he helped his friend. he got back up to work. Buck would adapt to his environment and become the strongest dog to ever live. This was a beautiful book, it taught me many new things about life and academics. It taught me, that if you work hard enough at something, you will become better at it. 

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The Power Of Hardship


 Life is sometimes hard

By Harrison Bertos 

I’m stronger because of the hard times, wiser because of my mistakes and happier cause I have known saddness “





        There are obstacles in life that you are going to approach . In life sometimes, I don’t make a team or don’t get the grade I want. I need to comprehend why I didn’t make the team, how I could’ve done better next time. I needed to work harder, enhance my studying in order to improve my work. It was the last day of school in 7th grade at Fenn. It was time to receive my math exam. Everyone in my class was filled with fear and excitement as Mr. Sanborn passed around the grades. Hands were shaking, sweat dripped down my face. Mr. Sanborn approached me and placed the 15 pages of math on my desk. As I turned it around the page read 64%... The rest of the day was painful. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of mylsef, I finished school, walked into the car and didn’t talk the whole way home. Once I got home my dad came on the room and talked to me about the grade. Suprizingly, my dad wasn’t disappointed at all. He showed me some techniques and new efficient unique ways to study for exams. This time was a hard time for me but I was able to persevere through it and improve the next time I was given a chance. My dad taught me to always slow down on exams and to take my time, because rushing would just make it worse. He showed me how to keep my confidence and his to narrow down an answer. Next year during the math exams in 8th grade, my grade improved drastically and I received a test score of a 97%. To go through a hard time like this was difficult, but I wouldve never improved if I had never learned. The Power Of family and hardship go together like peas and pie. When I have trouble I will go to my parents for help, becuase I know they will help me whenever I’m lost. The two themes are extremely powerful on all of our lives and help us exceed to our greatest potential. 

Power Of Place

Places in the world are essential to life as a human.  

When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with wherever you go”


By Harrison Bertos 


There is no place like a soccer stadium. I’ve seen plenty of soccer qstadiums, but there is nothing like Camp Nou. When I’m lost, I think of Camp Nou. It brings me in a place of happiness, and pushes away bad dreams and memories. Soccer is special to me, I look up to Messi and many great players that have played in this stadium. They have inspired me to become the greatest I can be. You wouldn’t believe how excited I was at 9 years old when I arrived in Barcelona with my family for summer vacation. I ran around the airport jumping off walls screaming “Messiiii!. I heard we were going to visit F.C Barcelona’s stadium Camp Nou.!Would I meet Messi? Would I watch a game? All these questions floated in my mind as I slept in my little room in the suburbs of Barcelona. I woke up to surprisingly be on a bus and hear my brother yelling “There it is Camp Nou! Posters of Messi flailing in the air with signs saying 20% off!. We got our tickets and jogged in, I was speechless. The display of trophies and golden boots amazed me. gazed at every single trophy like it was the god. I jogged around the corners looking for my family but I caught something in the corner “entrance to soccer field”.. I was off, dodging the masses of People in my way. There it was, the walkway was in front on my feet, I walked up the stairs every stair remembering each of Messi’s and my great moments. I looked out into the stadium and that’s when I realized. I wanted to play soccer my entire life. aybe a soccer stadium is not special to you but it is to me. My whole childhood I grew up playing soccer and watched millions of soccer games. I watched highlights of my inspirations, Messi and other soccer players pull of moves out of this world's it's where my passion for soccer grew drastically. Since that moment of seeing the Camp Nou stadium I have never stopped loving soccer. Fitz, I know you told me to stop writing about soccer, but I can’t stop because my power of passion for soccer is to strong to contain.