The Call of the Wild
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The Call Of The Wild Reflection





Adapt  To What You Have

By Harrison Bertos










  (In the perspective of Buck )the  cold and windy night were upon us, the snow on the ground was making my toes tingle. No more unlimited fire was here to save me, there were no animals to chase around, and especially no people to gift me with nice little dog treats. My life was over. I thought there was no chance. I would never make it back to my normal life. I would die out here. I was broken. The group of dogs with me seemed not to care about where they were and what the condition they were in. Then I realized something, acting negative was going to get me nowhere,  I needed to adapt.  And when I adapted, something magical happened.


The Call Of The Wild By Jack London  is a very inspirational book and it’s a great read. The book brings us on a journey through a dog's life whose name is Buck. Buck gets taken away from his modern life, into a life of terror in the wilderness. He witnesses terrible scenes that he has never witnessed before. The book is setting up north during the winter.  A quote to describe Bucks “He was beaten (he knew that); but he was not broken. He saw once for all, that he stood no chance against a man with a club. He learned his lesson, and in all his after life he never forgot it.” Buck has to adapt to the circumstances he is withstanding. Buck has to do this because he has been struggling, and he’s going to die if he doesn’t. 


Throughout the reading of the Call Of The Wild I could relate to Buck and his feelings towards his new life. During the reading I felt emotions of sadness towards Buck. The times where animals just like Buck have been eaten alive or whipped in front of others. I’ve felt sad for the animals I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be in thier shoes. The quick transition Buck has had to make from a house dog to the Wild in just a few months is insane. A theme that I related to during the book was the way Buck was able to adapt. When I traveled to Spain I had to play soccer with a Spanish team that only spoke Spanish. This was difficult as I had a hard time communicating with these players. It wasn't fun for me, and I had to adapt to the Spanish culture. This brought up other memories of books like  the Hatchet where a man has to adapt to the Wild after his plane crashes. This book has made me able to relate to myself and the world.



For me this beautiful piece of literature so far has very interesting the words the author has used has intrigued me to read more and more. The ways buck realtes to human life is amazing many times I’ve been able to look back at myself and relate to buck throughout the book. As  Buck has overruled spitz as the leader I am excited to see if buck will thrive and adapt as one or struggle in his new position. This book has also helped me learn multiple more words and has helped me for the ssat. 


Even though Buck is just a small dog he’s already made a difference in my learning.