Be Thankful For Family
A Childs Christmas in Wales

Christmas Day



By Harrison Bertos





“Traditional celebrations are important to ones family”



     Traditional celebrations are important to families. In my family, every year we celebrate Christmas. This tradition is important to me because it’s a day to be thankful for family. Everyone in my family is usually doing their own thing each and every day.  We are a busy family with a lot of kids. At Christmas, it’s a time where we come together as a family and focus to be thankful for each other. The goal to not focus on what presents you receive, but it is the thought that counts. 


     It was December 25, 2010, it  was a beautiful snowy day in Bedford, Massachusetts . My sister Kiley and my two younger siblings Laney and Sanders were  to see all the presents, the thoughts of  Xbox, sleds, and gift cards floated in my head. My brother ran around the room like a dog screaming, “presents, presents, presents!” My Mom's famous blueberry pancakes  and the mouthwatering freshly squeezed orange juice was served on the green Christmas table. After we finished the delightful food, we quickly gathered around the tree to see what presents everyone would receive this Christmas. 

     It was my turn, I grabbed the pink square present and tore it apart and the package read Dora Explorer. I slammed the package on the  floor screaming, “NO!”. I was immediately sent to my room. I was so confused and I didn’t like the present, so I expressed myself.  Thirty minutes later my parents both came in to my room and explained to me why I was sent to my room.  My parents explained to me that Christmas is not about the presents, it’s the thought that matters. I really was confused as a young boy by this, but after I realized why. I realized,  holidays aren’tall  about money or presents, holidays are about coming together and bonding as a family. Maybe even being grateful for a gift that is given that is not exactly what you want is part of Christmas too. This lesson has helped me throughout the years and I’ve been able to mature a lot because of this.

     For the Christmas’s after this one, I’ve focused to be always respectful and to bond with my family because love, is the most important aspect in a family.