A Childs Christmas in Wales
The Ninth Grade Journey

What I seek


 By Harrison Bertos 

Be wise because being wise can create happiness




    When I first saw this question, I was confused by it. I had never thought about this before. The life that I seek is an interesting and difficult question to answer at this point in my life but one that I need to consider as I enter my high school and college years. As I decide on my future path, whether I want to I seek to become a professional soccer player, coach, teacher, doctor or an electrician, I want to make wise decisions that I base on my education, athletic and life experiences. In life I seek to become a professional soccer player that plays at the highest level with a healthy and happy family. I want to get a great education and start my career by playing at a division 1 college. Eventually, I want to be a parent and try to make sure all the people I love are happy with themselves and their lives become something worth meaning. I want to be a leader throughout the world and help make sure everyone has opportunity and is able to have all the food they need on their plate.

I want to help children like I once was and give them a headstart in their life. To do these things, I must be wise and make good decisions in life. Sure, being ignorant can sometimes be beneficial but this happiness would not be real.  I have wanted to be wise since I was a little kid and believe that being wise can bring you to many amazing places. I believe being wise can bring you anything you want whether it’s fame, happiness, wealth or even more. In the long run being wise is more likely to lead to real happiness. For example, if I take a math test and I’m too ignorant to realize that a poor grade might lead to me not getting into the school I want to go to, I might not reach my dream job.  By being wise, I will understand the test is vital to my future and I will prepare for the test to make sure I get the grade I need. Being happy and ignorant can sometimes make you happy for a short period of time, but being wise will create long term happiness. I think that through being more determined in school and in athletics, I can be wise “beyond my years” and this will hopefully lead to true happiness. This is why I have decided that in my life I will to seek to be wise instead of being ignorant and happy.