Experiences Reading Thoreau
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Crows and Swallows

The Poems That Worked For Me

By Harrison Bertos




Chapter 7

I really enjoyed reading this poem called “I come home on Tuesdays”. Throughout the whole poem you continued to add specific details and created a lot of sensory image. I liked how I was able to relate to this a ton. This night is special because it’s the one night my family gets together for dinner and not a night where everyone is just doing their own thing. This poem was so good because I feel like it could connect with many people on tons of levels and it was super interesting.

Chapter 41

This poem is called zombie tag, I decided to chose this poem because of how much it meant to me as a child I would always play this with my friends almost every day outside our neighborhood. It was such a fun game that everyone could compete in. It brought back memories of that had shaped my child hood I loved the brilliant words you used surrounded in a swirling sea of flashlights darting and retreating

Chapter 15

This poem I chose Is called I wish life was as simple. Even though this poem was short in simple I liked how you related such a huge thing to a lawn mower. You used contrast in this poem to create the readers attention I liked how you used multiples details to relate life to such a small lawn mower using examples where in a lawn mover where u fix things so easily and in life it’s not as easy. This made me think about hard times in life and how easily I could fix these problems. This was a very inspirational poem and it helped me grasp the meaning of life even more.


Try your best always

Or never try
The days that are rainy
You’re outside
The days that are tough
your still working
Always try your best
Or never try
Giving it all
The goal of life