Crows and Swallows

Experiences Reading Thoreau

A New Wave 

By Harrison Bertos 



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau 


     When Fitz informed our class that we would be reading another boring, slow, old poems. I hit the table and down went my head “no! Not another Moby Dick type of book.” I was that close to making it without reading another one of those boring books. Our class sluggish as can be sat down and listened to Fitz deliver Henry Davids Thoreau’s introduction of Walden. After Fitz,  started to recite in I surprisingly had become interested in the novel, his exquisite words confused me at first words like obtrude, impertinent, resignation I couldn’t quite get it. After I read it once, twice and a couple more times I started to understand it, I started to get him and really took away what Henry David Thoreau was trying to emulate. I realized that this book wasn’t just any type of exhausting terrible book this book gave ''Rather than love than money than fame, give me truth.'' I stepped out of Fitz’s room not only amazed, but wanting to read more, learn, and inspire to be the great Henry David Thoreau. 


     Walden by Henry David Thoreau isn’t just a book where you can just read shoomps, lit charts, or spark notes. You truly have to understand the meaning and what to take away from the novel.  This book though is very hard to read and many aren’t able to grasp what he is saying, but I think you really have to give a dam. When Fitz was talking in class one of his quotes stood out to me that I felt was really influential and had meant a lot to me ” What old people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can.”  this quote was beautiful. I’ve always thought to respect and listen to your elders because they’re your inspiration. I’ve never thought of it as if your elders are holding you back from advancing in your lifetime. I feel like in life you should not just start digging others graves but you should start your own “the old have no very important advice to give the young”.


     While reading this book I took away one other very important lesson. “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.” This quote truly touched me. Wat this quote represents is how Thoreau clearly believes that people’s lives should be lived with a purpose, when he was younger he made sure ships students have engaged always. Just like our class when none of our class wanted to read Moby Dick, Thoreau would’ve not had our class read the book because we weren’t interested I feel like we could’ve taken away a lot more from Moby Dick if we actually tried to enjoy the book. Thoreau was afraid of living a life of desperation that he excused one’s self from normal life for two years. 



     Walden by Henry David Thoreau is truly amazing, it’s only the introduction and I’ve already learned so much. Thoreau has made me think so much already in different ways and has inspired me to try new things and life with a distinct purpose. In my life, to be honest I’ve only read a few books that have really inspired me Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and The Lightning Theif. These books have made me what to read more and learn more. I feel like Henry David Thoreau will inspire me even more than both of these books and change the way I think as a person, I truly cannot wait. I’ll leave you with one quote that had started my love for Thoreau’s beautiful style of writing “ One generation abandons the enterprises of another like stranded vessels.”