Walden writing

Power Of Place #2


The Fenn Turf 

By Harrison Bertos



No one cares how much you know, until they know how  you care”



      I dont ask a wounded person how he feels, I become the wounded person . The turf at Fenn is such a small part of my life, but it has changed me drastically as a person.  The long, mesmerizing, beautiful pitch has taught me to emulate the four core values respect, empathy, courage, and honesty. The lessons, the fun, the memories I will carry with me throughout my whole life. In the cold, rainy, field in the after noon we sat. Our Fenn soccer team dejected stood in the middle of the field in our loss to Fay.  I sat there as the captain, pondering what my teammates could’ve done better. I never thought about what I could’ve done better, I was mad because my team had lost the game and not me. I stomped off the field with anger in my eyes. I started to head to the locker room until  a man in a beautiful red jacket approached me. He changed my life with just a couple of words. “Hey (tapping on my shoulder) come here”. Listen to me. You have the strength to be one of the greatest soccer players, but you won’t be successful unless you are a team player. Have some empathy, and you will go places.”Some of the things he said I just let go through, but later in my room, I thought about his words.  They really meant something, this man had actually changed my life. This man not only changed my life. But, brought me to a state where I wanted my teammates to succeed more than me. This season I took his words into play, we ended up having a great season of only losing two games.  Always look ahead and see what you can do better, and  how to be a better person. A man who I’d never met before had changed my life with just a couple of words.

These type of moments are what have occurred at the turf throughout  my Fenn career. This is why the Fenn turf is so special to me.