Life’s Necessities
Thoreau’s Beauty





By Harrison Bertos 



The flowers are here 

No evidence of snow anywhere here 

Spring is here 


The heat is  back  

 The baseballs, shot put and javelins are excited to be thrown 

Just don’t throw the old  snow! 


The bats swung around 

The bases are loaded now 

the hopes of a home run is there


 Oh whaaat? Spring is here?

Does that mean it’s t shirt time 

Get ready for the sun 


Spring is not my favorite season as I’ve never really liked it. The sports are just not my thing during this season , this was tough as I couldn’t really relate. But I was able to get these done after a while of working. I was able to think of times where I was watching these sports on tv and thought of different instances. 








No school 

Time to run, to have fun 

to swim in the sun 



Summer Soccer tournaments 

No more homework, only soccer games and fun 

Winning trophies flood the grass  



I can’t tell the difference 

Lobster or my brothers back 

My mom had forgot the sunscreen 



The bonfires the fun 

I cannot stop jumping up and down

Summer starts right now 





When I was wrting these peoms I decided that I was going to express myself about experiences I’ve had. In my first haiku I wrote about Soccer because it’s  favorite sport so I wrtote about the summer tournaments I used to play in. Other ones like the bonfire one, I always have a bin fire at the start of the summer. These poems were easy for me to write because I was able to relate to them. 








So long as there is

somewhere to dry my wet clothes 

I enjoy the snow 



The days continue on 

but the snow won’t stop coming down 

nowhere to put it



To many sleds to count

 I sip Beautiful Hot chocolate and think of 

The snow days that approach me 


winters over now

a rake leans on the tree bark

let the fun begin






Trick or treat 

Lollipops, buttercups, and skittles . 

The dentist will not be happy tomorrow morning 


Pass, shoot, goal 

On thier kness opposing players

 fall like leaves   


Leaves sit in the gutter 

Waiting to be taken out 

To make a large pile of leaves 



The leaves are falling 

The air is growing cooler 

Brown and gold surround 


At first during writing these fall poems I was stuck as I was trying to make them perfect and not actually me wrting them. I looked up differnt fancy words thinking that it would perfect my writing when it actually made it worse, I deleted it and restarted, after I started clean I made my work nice and felt way better about it.