Final narrative

My Experience With a Teacher

By Andrew Blau


“If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences.”
Criss Jami 

Everything in life comes with consequences, I can’t think that I can go through life doing whatever I want. When I do something stupid I have to know that there I’ll be consequences for what I do and I can’t go through life thinking there won’t be. It was a normal day at Fenn when Mrs McCarthy calls me over on the way to all school meeting. At once memories of what went down the week before ran through my brain. When Mrs McCarthy came over to me with a serious look on her face, I knew this wasn’t going to end well. At once Mrs McCarthy shows me an image of an Instagram post that is a video of me and my friends snapping markers during study hall. I respond with a simple “yes”. She proceeds to tell me that what I did was unacceptable and she gives me a Tuesday afternoon. After breaking this news to me she asks to meet with me after the meeting so we can have a more formal talk. After the meeting I spend 10 mins trying to find her until she calls my name from down the hall and takes me to the Library study room. She says “After speaking with Mr Ward we have both agreed that you will have to serve a Tuesday afternoon this upcoming Tuesday. The moment this information hits me my heart skips a beat. This one interaction with Mrs McCarthy changed so much for me. Before this all happened I simply thought that I could go through life doing whatever I wanted with no consequences. After having this conversation and having consequences for something I did I realized that I was totally wrong. I realized that everyone’s actions have consequences whether they are good or bad. You can control what you do but you can’t control what comes from it.

Through the tunnel literary analysis

Through the Tunnel

By Andrew Blau



“Maturity is achieved  when a person accepts life as full of tension”- Joshua Liebman


Maturity is earned not gained, in the book Through the Tunnel by Dorris Lessing , Jerry earns his maturity. Jerry isn’t satisfied as just being a little kid so he wants to grow up. He wants to be mature but he knows he has to earn his maturity do he takes it into his own hands. This book is based on a boy named Jerry and his Mom on vacation. 

Jerry is on vacation with his Mom, staying at a seaside villa. He goes to the beach everyday with his mom. Everyday he goes to the beach he notices a cove of rocks that he always wants to explore but knows that his Mom doesn’t want him to. “Going to the shore on the first morning of the vacation, the young English boy stopped at a turning of the path and looked down at a wild and rocky bay and then over to the crowded beach he knew so well from other years.” But one day on the way to the beach his mom allows him to go to the cove. “She was thinking, Of course he’s old enough to be safe without me. Have I been keeping him too close?”

Again his nose bled at night, and his mother insisted on his coming with her the next day. It was a torment to him to waste a day of his careful self-training, but he stayed with her on that other beach, which now seemed a place for small children, a place where his mother might lie safe in the sun. It was not his beach.

        This was a maturing experience for Jerry. He started immature and fearful but became mature and brave. He keeps trying to get to the bottom of the rock to swim through but he struggles everyday. “He was without light, and the water seemed to press upon him with the weight of rock. Seventy-one, seventy-two. There was no strain on his lungs. He felt like an inflated balloon, his lungs were so light and easy, but his head was pulsing.”. Jerry preservers everyday until he finally makes it through the tunnel. after Jerry did this he evolved from a young boy to a young adult. “After a time, his heart quieted, his eyes cleared, and he sat up. He could see the local boys diving and playing half a mile away. He did not want them. He wanted nothing but to get back home and lie down.” Although Jerry started as a boy; he took a risk and matured; he ended a man.

    This was a life altering experience for Jerry because he didn’t gain maturity he earned it


Andrew Blau

Fitz English

FInal Metacognition on All Quiet on the Western Front


    My experience reading All Quiet was a roller coaster. I started reading the book thinking it was very dull and just about meaningless. I was not at all excited to read this book and I thought it was just going to be a waste of my time. For rage first fe chapters of reading I thought that the book was just about some kids who went to war and I was sure that I would get nothing out of reading the book. There were no lessons to learn. As I got a decent amount into the book I started to get a sense that the book had a much greater meaning and lots of lessons that I could learn. At this point I started to enjoy the book. Things were getting more exciting and there was much more meaning to me in the story. At this point in the book I realized that the book wasn’t very long at all. When I started reading I thought that it was going to take forever to read and be a super long book, but when I found out it wasn’t my while mindset changed. I started reading the book with more intent and meaning trying to process everything that was happening and all of the lessons that there were. Towards the end of the book I was actually having a pretty good time reading the book. I started to have a better mindset while reading, I was actually understanding what was going on, I was also getting more from the lessons that there were and I was seeing the bigger meaning of the book.

Chapter 8 Metacognition

My experience reading chapter 8 was pretty good. Most chapters in the book are pretty long so I was glad when I saw how short this one was. This chapter was still pretty meaningful regardless of how short it was and I think that it what made it good and enjoyable to read. Overall chapter 8 is short but sweet and a good read.

Friendship Narrative

The Power Of Friendship

By Andrew Blau




“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell


If everything in you life goes wrong your friends will always be there. My friends are always there for me and I always can rely on them. Friendship has and will shape my life and how I live it. I will always have friends to turn to and they will always be there for me every step of my life. During March break I didn’t have anything to do. I knew that I wanted to spend time with friends. I ended up texting a good friend of mine: Jake Athanasoulas. I was lonely so I spent a lot of time hanging out with Jake having fun and enjoying ourselves. One day over break Jake invited me over to his house for a sleepover. Because I didn’t have anything else to do and I knew that I would have fun I accepted the offer and went over to his house. During the day we had a ton of fun, we watched movies, TV and played video games. By the time it was around 11:00 we were having some of the most fun I’ve ever had. We had just finished a hilarious movie and now we were playing NBA 2k19 which is one of our favorite video games. We ended up playing this until 2 in the morning. Eventually we went to bed and then in the morning I went back home. This is just one example of some of my great friendships that shape my life and what I do. Friendships are some of the most important things in life to me, friendships affect my life in almost every way possible and I love having as many friendships as I do. For me I know that I can always rely on my friendships regardless of what happens in my life.

Chapter 7 Socratic

What To Talk About In Chapter 7 Socratic


I think that we should focus on one thing that happened in chapter 7 to talk about. I want to talk about Paul’s experience re-enter into society and daily life. When he got leave and went back home he hard a hard time trying to fit back into society and he couldn’t really figure things out. Concluding, I think that trying to re-enter something after being gone for so long is a good topic to discuss in tomorrow’s socratic.

All Quiet Reflection Paragraph

True Horror Is Unforgettable

By Andrew Blau



“Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym.”




True horror is unforgettable. In Chapter 6 in All Quiet On The Western Front, the sheer horror and terror that is described makes for a gruesome but very memorable chapter. Chapter 6 in All Quiet On The Western Front had an extreme amount of gore and horror filled scenes. All of the horror is unforgettable because of how realistic it is written and it seems. Usually gory things don’t get to me but this chapter did. It is almost unexplainable the amount of horror in just a few pages. I never thought that just reading could actually affect me like this chapter did. This chapter is all about war. Most chapters in this book are about war but what makes this one different is the author takes you through an actual battle. We get to see the germans experience in the trench while they are being attacked by the French. This whole chapter is extremely gory and disgusting. While the French are charging the Germans one soldier gets mowed down, “His body collapses, his hands remain suspended as though he were praying. Then his body drops clean away and only his hands with the stumps of his arms, shot off, now hang in the wire.” This writing is filled with pure gore. My experience reading this chapter made me realize what war was really like and how terrible it is. Before I had read this chapter I had never had an experience where I read part of a book that affected me the way that this one did. The sheer horror and terror expressed in such few words made me feel disgusted. Although I wasn’t in the trenches with the Germans living through a battle I did have to read this chapter knowing that man kind actually did this to each other. Reading Chapter 6 has lead be to believe that tru horror is unforgettable.



By Andrew Blau and Finley Stevens

“Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive.”



Man's greatest instinct is survival. In chapter four of All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, all the soldiers face many challenges, but the most difficult of them all is survival. Surviving the trenches in near impossible but for Paul, Kantorek, Kat, Tjaden and Müller they manage to find their way through with the help of each other, survival and a little bit of luck. Everyone is near the front line placing barbed wire. They were just about finished when Kat’ s instinct to survive kicked in.  He got a bad feeling that was telling him that there was going to be a bombardment because the English usually attack at 10pm but they had attacked at 9pm. Kat shared this with everyone right before the bombardments and they all ran back towards the barracks.

“At the sound of the  first droning of the shells we rush back, in one part of our being, a thousand years. By the animal instinct that is awakened in us we are led and protected. It is not conscious; it is far quicker, much more sure, less fallible, then conscious. One cannot explain is this other, this second sight in us, that has...saved us, without our knowing how.”

Kat’s sixth sense and his will for survival help him and the rest of the soldiers survive in all types of situations. It is nearly impossible to survive the trenches and because everyone’s common goal is survival. Survival guides the lifestyle in day to day life in the trenches, no matter who you are or who you were the only thing that matters to you is survival. Everyone in the trenches has the same question, will I survive? Survival is what drives everyone to get through any type of situation. The feeling of wanting to survive is man's greatest instinct and without it we wouldn’t be here today.

This process of writing was fairly easy. Me and Finley were fairly efficient both in class and after school working on our paragraph. Finley was a great partner who pulled his weight and split the work even. Finley also has great ideas and was great to collaborate with. Overall this process went very well and I had a good time.