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“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

I love the game of basketball. I love watching and playing basketball. Basketball is my favorite sports for a few reasons; I love how fast paced it is and how you are never waiting around. I also love to play basketball because you’re success is heavily dependent on your team and how you work together, and I love playing as a team and working with teammates. I play for a Concord basketball team that my brother coaches with his friends. I also play for 3rds at Fenn and I love playing for both teams,

   Last wednesday I had a game for 3rds. This was my best game of the season so far. For most of the game it was 18-12 rivers and I hit a clutch 3 from the corner. This 3 put us down by three. On the next play I get open beyond the arch and hit another 3! I was on fire, A little later I made a really nice layup. We may have lost but I lied at and am really proud of my performance.


Andrew Blau
FItz English


Metacognition on Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin



My experience so far reading Huck Finn has been pretty good. I never could’ve imagined my self choosing a book this long and hard but I did and I am glad I did because I am really enjoying the book so far. Although the vocal Blu-ray and way people talk in the book can be confusing it doesn’t change the fact that the book is great and packed with action and loveable characters. I like the speed the book moves along at because it isn’t too fast so I can stay up to date with what’s happening but also not too slaw where it becomes boring. I also like the simplicity of the book and although it may be challenging it is also simple at the same time. This book has been easy for me to pick up because it is fairly entertaining. One big part of why I have enjoyed the book so much is because I am listening to the audio and following along in the book. This allows me to absorb everything that is happening while staying focused on the book and not getting distracted. So far reading this book I haven’t gotten bored with it because of the constant action and plot twists. I am glad I chose this book because first of all it is great and second of all I had context going into the book because we just read Tom Sawyer. All in all my experience reading this book has been great and I cant wait for what else is to come from this book.

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My Weekend

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.”
― Chuck Palahniuk

First of all I LOVE weekends. They are what I look forward too all week long. I love weekends so much because of all of the ample free time and stress free days where you can do just about anything. My weekend Has been great.

It started off with watching TV and playing video games on Friday night which set it off on the right foot. Then on Saturday morning I had a basketball game. I love playing basketball because it is a fun sport and my Brother is the coach of the team. The only downside was the game was at 9:00 am. Going into the game I was stoked and ready to win. The game was off to a slow start but I set the tone of the game by making a MONSTER swat worthy of being on ESPN. That was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

After the game I hung around at home for the rest of the day playing Fortnite with my friends and having a good time. On Saturday evening I knew that on Sunday I would have to do Homework which ruined the mood for a little until I started watching TV again. On Sunday morning I started of the day with some short lived Fortnite because I had homework to do. It turns out I thought I had very little homework but I had 3 things to do for English one of them being this piece of writing. I was going to go out to play basketball with my brother but I was all caught up writing this piece so I figure why not at least try to make it good. The rest of my day will probably be some video games and relaxing before I head back to torture A.K.A  school.

All in all this weekend won't be anything special but it was definitely fun and for sure better than school.

To Build A Fire

Andrew Blau

Fitz English

To Build A Fire Literary Analysis 


To Build A Fire

Don’t Underestimate Mother Nature

People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature” - Russel Honore

Don’t underestimate Mother Nature and her power. In the book, To Build a Fire, By Jack London, arrogance blinds the mans common sense as he ventures into the wild. The Man underestimated the wild and overestimated himself and what he is capable of doing. This leads to the Man being very arrogant and letting the wild sneak up behind him. When the Man ventures off alone away from his friends thinking that the one way back to camp will be a breeze he is wrong. His arrogance blinds him from the reality of how powerful Mother Nature is, and he is overly confident in himself and what he is capable of. When he gets into the Forrest he begins to see the reality of what is going on and that he had made a huge mistake. Mother Nature can sometimes seem hidden and that is what the Mans arrogance feeds off of. The Man ends up in a pickle where he is literarily surrounded by Mother Nature and there is nothing left that he can do. 


“You were right, old hoss; you were right," the man mumbled to the old-timer of Sulphur Creek.

 Then the man drowsed off into what seemed to him the most comfortable and satisfying sleep he had ever known. The dog sat facing him and waiting. The brief day drew to a close in a long, slow twilight. There were no signs of a fire to be made, and, besides, never in the dog's experience had it known a man to sit like that in the snow and make no fire”


Mother Nature will always win and there is no way around that. The Man is blinded by his arrogance and belief that he can accomplish anything and he will get through the forest untouched. “That man from Sulphur Creek had spoken the truth when telling how cold it sometimes got in the country. And he had laughed at him at the time! ”. As the man begins to realize that his arrogance his killed him and he had made a great mistake the fact that Mother Nature always wins is evident to him. No matter how confident you are or how lucky you think you will get Mother Nature is unstoppable and ruthless. “Any man who was a man could travel alone.” The Man begins to realize that his arrogance had chosen his path and that the choices he had made earlier had killed him. The Man spends the rest of the novel regretting his choices and hating his arrogance and what it had done to him.







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Narrative Paragraph 




”Cultures grow on the vine of tradition”


Traditions shape everyone’s day to day life and their relationships with their communities. My family has our own traditions every year. Every year Since I was 9 my family has the same tradition on Christmas Eve and morning. This tradition has shaped our relationship with each other as a family. Every year on Christmas Eve My whole family goes to our old church that we went to when we lived in Boston. Then we later go to a great restaurant and have a great time. My family drives into the city in the afternoon of Christmas Eve to attend an early evening service at the Church of The Advent on Beacon Hill. We love going to this service because we see lots of old friends. After the church service we catch up with all of our old friends from when we lived there. Eventually we get back to the car and  go to Scampo which is one of my favorite restaurants ever that my whole family loves. We love to go to this church service because we get to see old friends that we see rarely and we get to see our friends who work at the church and who baptized me. We really enjoy Scampo because the food is so good and we like to celebrate my Mom’s birthday there. I love my family’s Christmas Eve tradition. It is a great time to catch up with my family and celebrate the holidays. I am really thankful for this tradition because it really effects our relationships with each other an makes us closer. Having traditions is a great thing. Traditions can help you become closer to certain people and build strong relationships With the people you love

Short Story Reflection

Andrew Blau

Fitz English 

Short Story Reflection Essay






“A short story is a love affair, a novel is a marriage. A short story is a photograph; a novel is a film.”
Lorrie Moore



Just because a book is short doesn’t mean it wont be good. In A&P by John Updike, John Updike writes a short but sweet and meaningful story. He packs a lot into 5 or 6 pages, enough to have written an 100 page book. I feel that John Updike wanted to write a short story that was meaningful and really good. He did this by creating relatable characters and a great story. He was able to put so much into so few words and still create a really meaningful and all around great story.


The main character in A&P is a boy named Sammy. Sammy works at a grocery store in a town North of Boston. It was a normal summer day for Sammy when he noticed 3 girls all wearing bathing suits walk into the store. Sammy couldn’t stop staring at them. The three girls browse the aisles for a while. Eventually the girls walk up to the register Sammy is at to check out. Sammy starts checking them out when suddenly his manager walks out. His manager is mad at the girls because he doesn’t think they are dressed decently. He tells the girls that wearing bathing suits isn’t allowed because they aren’t decent. One of the girls fights back and tells him that what they are wearing is fine and totally decent. In the midst of all of this Sammy is just standing behind the counter listening to everything. Sammy chimes in and out of the blue says to his boss “I quit”. Sammy thought that the girls weren’t being treated fairly so he wanted to do something about it. Sammy unties his apron gives it to his boss and swiftly walked out of the store.


I really enjoyed this piece. I will admit I am not the biggest reader so having a short story that was really good was great. The word that kept popping up in my head when thinking about the story was; Sacrifices. This book did challenge me to read in a different way because there was never a dull moment. I had to stay completely focused to what was going on because it is a short story where every line is important. This book made me think about how important thinking before you do is. It is totally possible that Sammy quit in the heat of the moment and he regretted it. That is why thinking before you do can make the biggest difference and why it is an important thing to do. This book was very entertaining although no dull moments which made it a joy to read. The importance of sacrifices and thinking before you do can make all the difference in life

Tough Times Narrative Paragraph


Andrew Blau

Tough Times

Fitz English 

November 30, 2018


Tough Times



    The shortest way out is the longest way through. My life has been pretty easy so far but I have had my fair share of rough times. When I was 8 my Dad broke his hip. This changed everything for my Dad, Me and My Family. It was right before school in the 3rd grade when my Dad fell on his way out of the shower at my house. As soon as it happened my whole family rushed to where we had fallen. This changed everything for everyone in my family and was definitely a tough time. My Dad had to go to the hospital immediately to get surgery. After the surgery he spent a lot of time in the hospital. Him being gone for a while in the hospital was the first hard part of whole experience. I was only 8 at the time and I didn’t really understand what was happening. But the hardest part of this whole experience is when he got home and I found out that he wouldn’t be able to do most of things he had before the fall. He couldn’t run around and play with me, he couldn’t really run around in general. As an 8 year old this was very important to me and it really affected me. This whole experience was really tough for me. It wasn’t just tough for me it was tough for my whole family. This experience whether is was for better or worse changed me and my family but looking at where we are now everything has worked itself out. This experience made me realize that I shouldn’t take my families health for granted because in a seconds notice they fall and brake a bone that would change the rest of their lives and our lives. The easiest way out is the longest way through and I guess that is what we can reflect upon when we all go through tough times.

Giving Thanks

Andrew Blau

Fitz English

Thankfulness Reflection 

November 19, 2018

Giving Thanks To My Family 



 Everyone is thankful for something. I am thankful for my family because of everything they do for me. My family has been there for me since day 1, helping me and guiding me through life. My family does so much for me everyday and I am extremely thankful for what they do. Earlier this year I got a bad grade on a test. When I got home that day I told my family about my grade. I expected my parents to get mad at me and punish me or something but to my surprise they were understanding and they told me it was ok as long as I had tried my hardest. When I told my brother he was right there by my side saying not to worry about it. This may have been a small thing that happened but it is one reason why I am so thankful for my family. I am also very thankful for my brother. I love having a brother because he really understands me and we can have really cool conversations because of how close we are in age. My family does a lot for me and without them and don’t know what I would do. They are so important to me and they play a huge role in my daily life. Sometimes I think we all take our family for granted. Our family’s do so much for us that we almost become used to it and we start taking what they do for granted. I think that Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on how much our families do for us and give thanks to them. I want to give thanks to my family for all of the little and big things they have done and will do for me in my lifetime.

Tom Sawyer Essay



Andrew Blau

Fitz English

Literary Analysis



Tom Sawyer Essay

Superstition and Boyhood in Tom Sawyer



He would be a pirate! That was it! Now his future lay plain before him, and glowing with unimaginable splendor. How his name would fill the world, and make people shudder! How gloriously he would go plowing the dancing seas, in his long, low, black-hulled racer, the "Spirit of the Storm," with his grisly flag flying at the fore!

- Mark Twain

    Tom Sawyer is pretending to be a pirate. He is escaping from the outside world and being a boy. He is imagining the life of a pirate and he is running around the woods. Boyhood is really common in Toms day to day life and using his imagination is one of the things he loves to do. In The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer is an everyday adventurous boy. Tom goes about his days goofing around and doing things he shouldn’t. When he is with his friends he is always experimenting with new superstitions of his. Tom loves To be rebellious and not listen to adults. Superstition and Boyhood are two big parts of Tom.


    It takes a boy to become a man. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer experience all aspects of boyhood in his adventures. Tom has shown signification signs of boyhood through out the whole book. He spends time going on adventures, hanging out with girls, and being a rebellious person. One of example of Toms boyhood is when he runs away to the island. Tom runs away from home to show that no one controls him and he can do what he wants. Tom runs away with Huck and Joe and they go to the island in the middle of the night. Tom knows that Aunt Polly would never allow this and that is exactly why he did it.

Tom was a free boy again, however—there was something in that. He could drink and swear,   now—but found to his surprise that he did not want to. The simple fact that he could, took the desire away, and the charm of it. 

    Tom finds excitement not following the rules and being rebellious. We can all relate to this because we have been through similar  experiences to what Tom is going through in this story. While Tom does this rules don’t apply to him. Tom loves to spend time exploring how far his curiosity can take him. Wether it’s chasing down a murderer or sneaking out with his best friend at night.  Tom’s adventurer of boyhood is evident throughout his journeys as a young man. Tom uncovers many lessons form boyhood. Tom never follows the rules and is rebellious if the chance precedes itself, he finds new experiences, and get himself into situations on his adventure. Tom has taken the first step to becoming a man by becoming a boy. Tom uncovers many lessons form boyhood. Tom never follows the rules and is rebellious if the chance precedes itself, he finds new experiences, and get himself into situations on his adventure. Tom has taken the first step to becoming a man, first becoming a boy.


    Superstition Shapes your life and what decisions you make. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, it is evident that superstition shapes all the characters and their behaviors. Superstition and escape is evident throughout Toms adventures. The characters are wary of secrecy between each-other and who they can trust. Tom is discovering who he can trust and who will support him. Superstition Shapes your life and what decisions you make. In the book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, it is evident that superstition shapes all the characters and there behaviors. Superstition and escape is evident throughout Toms adventures. The characters are wary of secrecy between each-other and who they can trust. Tom is discovering who he can trust and who will support him.

The boys bent their heads together and scarcely breathed. A muffled sound of voices floated up from the far end of the graveyard.


“Look! See there!” whispered Tom. “What is it?”


“It’s devil-fire. Oh, Tom, this is awful.”


Some vague figures approached through the gloom, swinging an old-fashioned tin lantern that freckled the ground with innumerable little spangles of light. Presently Huckleberry whispered with a shudder:


“It’s the devils sure enough. Three of ‘em! Lordy, Tom, we’re goners! Can you pray?”


“I’ll try, but don’t you be afeard. They ain’t going to hurt us. ‘Now I lay me down to sleep, I—’”





“What is it, Huck?”


“They’re humans! One of ‘em is, anyway. One of ‘em’s old Muff Potter’s voice.”


    Toms superstition about the night of the graveyard creates a interest in secrecy throughout the book . Superstition in general shapes the entire novel and changes the way the characters react. Toms relationships with his friends are shaped by his superstitions. Superstition is also nice to have when wanting to look at something in a more positive way. As stated through out the whole entire book superstition is a key part of Tom’s life. Tom does this to see the world in a better perspective or to see the world his way.


I learned a lot from the book. I learned that nothing is essay and you have to persevere because of how challenging the book was. I learned that if you try your best and you get to your end goal it is very rewarding. I related to Tom Sawyer a bit. I do have a little bit of adventure and rebellion in me along with Tom. Reading Tom Sawyer challenged me to think in different ways because of the time and place it was set in and the vocabulary used in the book. The book may have been hard and I may have wanted to give up at some points but I got to the end and it was super rewarding. A few weeks ago I was frustrated and tired of reading Tom Sawyer. But now that I have gotten through the whole book even though it was challenging I would say that it was totally worth it

Tom Sawyer can relate to everyone. Everyone has gone through that time as a kid where they never listened. Everyone has their own superstitions like Tom. Everyone has a little bit of Tom Sawyer in them and that is what makes this book such a classic. The lessons Tom teaches us are so small but so important. Tom Sawyer teaches the greatest life lessons by doing the smallest everyday things and that is what makes him so special. The lessons we have learned from Tom will forever change our outlook on certain things and Tom will always be with us.