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Literary Reflection Paragraph

Literary Reflection Paragraph

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” – Harper Lee


Everything worth doing comes with its own challenges and obstacles. So far Huck Finn has challenged me to read with more meaning and really think about what is happening and the themes of the story. Reading Huck Finn has challenged me to read with more focus and meaning because of how long and challenging the book is. The challenging and old vocabulary of the story has forced me to dig deep into the story and themes to find the meanings. So far reading Huck Finn has taught me that classics may be challenging but are worth the struggle. My mindset at the start of the assignment was that I was being forced to read some old, hard and bad book. The expectation to finish a classic start to end and understand it was daunting to me and I was not happy or excited about it. The challenge to read a 700 pg classic and understand the themes and vocabulary seemed impossible and pointless. I needed to learn to manage my reading time and be very efficient while reading but also understand the themes. I have been doing the tasking, difficult work and to my surprise all the work has been worth it so far. So far I have learned a lot from Redding the book. I have learned perseverance and that the things that are worthwhile come wit challenges and difficulties. This book has taught me to really dig deep and think about certain topics and themes to find their meanings. Reading Huck Finn has changed my view on Reading classics. Going into this read I thought classics were just old books that were super long and hard and that no one my age would ever want to read. But by reading Huck Finn I have learned that some of the greatest lessons in life can come from reading a classic and persevering and doing something out of your comfort zone. A few weeks ago I was complaining about having to read this book. My mentality was that this was a waste of time and a challenge for no reason. But now that I have started reading I have learned the many lessons from reading a classic and that everything worthwhile is challenging.


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“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

I love the game of basketball. I love watching and playing basketball. Basketball is my favorite sports for a few reasons; I love how fast paced it is and how you are never waiting around. I also love to play basketball because you’re success is heavily dependent on your team and how you work together, and I love playing as a team and working with teammates. I play for a Concord basketball team that my brother coaches with his friends. I also play for 3rds at Fenn and I love playing for both teams,

   Last wednesday I had a game for 3rds. This was my best game of the season so far. For most of the game it was 18-12 rivers and I hit a clutch 3 from the corner. This 3 put us down by three. On the next play I get open beyond the arch and hit another 3! I was on fire, A little later I made a really nice layup. We may have lost but I lied at and am really proud of my performance.


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Metacognition on Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin



My experience so far reading Huck Finn has been pretty good. I never could’ve imagined my self choosing a book this long and hard but I did and I am glad I did because I am really enjoying the book so far. Although the vocal Blu-ray and way people talk in the book can be confusing it doesn’t change the fact that the book is great and packed with action and loveable characters. I like the speed the book moves along at because it isn’t too fast so I can stay up to date with what’s happening but also not too slaw where it becomes boring. I also like the simplicity of the book and although it may be challenging it is also simple at the same time. This book has been easy for me to pick up because it is fairly entertaining. One big part of why I have enjoyed the book so much is because I am listening to the audio and following along in the book. This allows me to absorb everything that is happening while staying focused on the book and not getting distracted. So far reading this book I haven’t gotten bored with it because of the constant action and plot twists. I am glad I chose this book because first of all it is great and second of all I had context going into the book because we just read Tom Sawyer. All in all my experience reading this book has been great and I cant wait for what else is to come from this book.

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My Weekend

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.”
― Chuck Palahniuk

First of all I LOVE weekends. They are what I look forward too all week long. I love weekends so much because of all of the ample free time and stress free days where you can do just about anything. My weekend Has been great.

It started off with watching TV and playing video games on Friday night which set it off on the right foot. Then on Saturday morning I had a basketball game. I love playing basketball because it is a fun sport and my Brother is the coach of the team. The only downside was the game was at 9:00 am. Going into the game I was stoked and ready to win. The game was off to a slow start but I set the tone of the game by making a MONSTER swat worthy of being on ESPN. That was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

After the game I hung around at home for the rest of the day playing Fortnite with my friends and having a good time. On Saturday evening I knew that on Sunday I would have to do Homework which ruined the mood for a little until I started watching TV again. On Sunday morning I started of the day with some short lived Fortnite because I had homework to do. It turns out I thought I had very little homework but I had 3 things to do for English one of them being this piece of writing. I was going to go out to play basketball with my brother but I was all caught up writing this piece so I figure why not at least try to make it good. The rest of my day will probably be some video games and relaxing before I head back to torture A.K.A  school.

All in all this weekend won't be anything special but it was definitely fun and for sure better than school.