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Choices shape everyone’s life and what they do, I have choices everyday, some good, some bad. There are always a lot of choices to make, some are good some are bad. But as a 14 year old it’s hard to see the line between the 2. Some choices are easier to make than others and some have an outcome you may no have wanted, but the real challenge is living with the choices you make. It was an average day at the Fenn School, When Mrs McCarthy called my name. I realized the choice I had made was a bad one when I ended up in Mrs McCarthy’s office with a Tuesday Afternoon. When Liam, Luke, Kevin and I got to sports study, we knew we wanted to have some fun. We found a box of markers on Mrs Stiga’s shelf we knew we had a choice to make. Snapping those markers was like stepping on bubble wrap, satisfying. We knew the choice we had made has a bad one, but as 13 year olds, we didn’t care. Because we didn’t care we thought it would be even better to film ourselves doing it and post it on Instagram. A few days later when Mrs McCarthy called my name the first thing that came to my mind is that bad choice I had made, I was right. I ended up in her office the next Tuesday ready to serve my Tuesday Afternoon. Breaking markers was fun; breaking markers was also bad; but life is all about living with the choices you make. I had to think of it as a learning experience and something that had taught me more about me. Everyone in life has so many choices that can change their lives, it’s all about living with the choices you make and learning from them.

Iambic Trimeter

School Sucks


“While school lets you have a social life, it still is school so it will always have a sucky side to it” -Denny Morgan



I hate to go to school 

Oh it is so boring 

I’d rather be in a pool 

Instead I’d be snoring


Oh I hate math the most 

It’s so extremely hard 

I wish that I could boast 

It makes me feel like a lard 


Science isn’t much better 

I don’t care about energy 

I’d rather write a letter 

 it is the death of me 


Nothing at school is fun 

Besides playing at sports

I can’t wait to be done

When I play sports I wear shorts



I thought that writing this was really fun. Because I got to talk about my burning hate for school. It was cool to find rhyming words and ideas to talk about. Overall this was one of the most enjoyable Iambic poems I’ve had to write





2nd Iambic Dimeter

Gaming Iambic Dimeter


I love to game(a)

I do every day(b)

It brings no shame(a)

Better than an essay(b)


Oh I am great(c)

I have never lost(d)

It is my fate(c)

They call me boss(d)





The 2nd ballad was much easier. I had gotten the hang of the beat which made finding lyrics and a rhythm a ton easier. It was also easier to find lyrics. I also found it easier to find a topic because I had been brainstorming for my 1st one, so I had lots of good topics. Overall this one was much easier. I was writing about one of my hobbies and things I like to do. I think I did pretty good.Iambic

1st Iambic Dimeter

Basketball Iambic Dimeter 



I like to ball (a)

I am a god (b)

Don’t like to fall (a)

I’ve got air pods(b)


I sauce on kids

Put them on skates

Got lots of bids

I got no mates









This first ballad was an experiment and very challenging. It was hard to find rhyming words that made sense. It was also hard to find a theme to make the Ballard about because I have never written a song or ballad before. Though the hardest thing was to stay on beat and not go off the beat. I think that I portably could’ve done better but it was really hard. I was writing about one of my passions and things I love to do.